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Missing William Tyrell

Please when I put up links please go to the link it may assist bring back William.

The picture shows a boy with a black eye.  Why people asked would anyone put this up?
If it was me, and I was threatened I'd leave the clues behind to where to look.

When William, his sister and Mother came from Sydney.  Where was the father?

Area William went missing.

Astrology in Crime has the biwheel for William, headed in the South South West direction however this is nearly a line right back to Sydney Kings Cross if you look at the maps at a glance.

Within the images of the house where was the car William had arrived in?

William 3rd birthday cake

Now this image is different with the car locations on site.

No Rothschild bank co-incidences

When we look at the drug network, the alleged reason why Australia could be a hub as to invest the money in the US Market and bring the money back to Australia they gain the value difference of the Dollar's affect.

  1. NAB and Westpac's Secret Bailout Revealed
    Dec 3, 2010 - ... with the likes of Commonwealth Bank of Australia [ASX: CBA] CEO Sir. ...... links to the Economist, controlled by the Rothschild banking family
  2. Now to lend Australia banks money the dollar bringing the money is buys money the difference between the US and the Australian dollar.
  3. We have no Rothschild bank 
  4. In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank:
    North Korea
  5. The only countries left in 2003 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family were:
    North Korea
    The Attacks of September 11th were an inside job to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to then establish a Central Bank in those countries.
    The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are:
    North Korea
  6. For the drug money allegedly through the heroin and cocaine coming from North Korea is allegedly a reason why the money is moved to allegedly US and stays allegedly in Australia.
  7. Where do we have war?  Is it all for the control?

Gough Whitlam ...CIA? What about the influence from William Colby Nugan-Hand Bank

Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Activities of the Nugan ...
Stewart Royal Commission into the Activities of the Nugan Hand Group. Libraries Australia:; NLA Persistent Identifier 

Biography - Francis John Nugan - Australian Dictionary of ...
In 1973 they set up a merchant bank, Nugan Hand Ltd, with a nominal paid-up ... Theroyal commission of inquiry (1983-85) into the activities of the Nugan Hand.

Frank Nugan - Spartacus Educational
However, it does show that Nugan and Hand now had a business relationship. There is.... The Stewart Royal Commission was published in June, 1985. 

How Aus bank financed the heroin trade | Green Left Weekly
Dec 7, 2013 - As some of the activities of Nugan Hand came to light following the appointment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry, the print media in Australia 

By year – National Archives of Australia › ... › Popular research topics › Cabinet › By year
Evidence presented to the Costigan royal commission, and also to the Stewart royal commission on the Terrence Clark drug syndicate and the Nugan Hand 

Whitlam, the CIA and Nugan Hand | Chasing Nugan Hand
Jan 23, 2011 - Whitlam, the CIA and Nugan Hand ... One of his foot soldiers in Laos was Michael Hand, co-founder of the Nugan Hand bank. .... Sleight of hand: The $25 millionNugan Hand Bank scandal 

Clive Palmer Strings?

When we see people and those strings Ill expose again.

Come on Clive, if I'm right about the Holy Grail the bet is on for the Resort to be made the Aljen retreat on the Sunshine Coast?  For Cancer patients, for sick children and families who want a holiday with herbal healings ......

  1. Palmer cut $6m pre-poll cheque | Business Spectator
    15 hours ago - Clive Palmer went on a spending spree after siphoning $10 million of ... for $2.167m directly from the “Port Palmer Operations” NAB account.
    Oct 21, 2014 - SINO Iron and Korean Steel have taken mining tycoon Clive Palmer to ... of misappropriating money from a fund called Port Palmer Operations.
  3. Clive Palmer: Chinese cash for operating port was `like a ...
    Jul 8, 2014 - CLIVE Palmer says Chinese Government cash paid into a Mineralogy-controlled bank account meant for operating a port was “like a salary” .
  4. Palmer Coolum Resort
    Palmer Coolum Resort is an iconic resort like no other on the Sunshine Coast. ... Set at the base of Mount Coolum, fronting onto 2km of pristine beach, it covers ..
  5. Many people dream of a resort where the family can have a wonderful time gathering strength and playing golf around the Dinosaurs?
  6. Are you on Clive for the Bet?  Strings?  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bankstown alleged control drug network exposed

Latest Media Releases

Bankstown was a supply link in the days of Abe Saffron, it is just 2 degrees away from where the drug network existed in the past.  

Three men arrested as meth supply syndicate dismantled - Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce

Friday, 31 October 2014 05:52:29 AM
Members of the Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce have arrested three men following an investigation into the supply of prohibited drugs by a man working for an international air cargo company.
In July 2014, the Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce formed Operation Apterous to investigate an air cargo company employee who was allegedly involved in the supply of methylamphetamine.
Around 3pm on Wednesday (29 October 2014), officers attached to the Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce arrested a 44-year-old Wattle Grove man near Bankstown.
A short time later, officers arrested a 48-year-old man at Beverly Hills and a 46-year-old man at Hurstville.
Following the arrests, search warrants were executed at homes in Wattle Grove and Narwee, and at a business in Hurstville.
Methylamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and electronic equipment were seized during the warrants.
The 44-year-old man was charged with ongoing drug supply and bail refused. He appeared in Burwood Local Court yesterday (Thursday 30 October 2014), where he was again refused bail to next appear on Wednesday 5 November 2014.
The 48-year-old man was also charged with ongoing drug supply and refused bail. He appeared in Kogarah Local Court yesterday, where he was again bail refused to next appear in Sutherland Local Court today (Friday 31 October 2014).
The 46-year-old man was charged with two counts of drug supply before being granted bail to appear at Kogarah Local Court on Tuesday 2 December 2014.
The Commander of the Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce, Detective Superintendent Nick Bingham, commended the officers attached to Operation Apterous for their outstanding investigative work.
“The Polaris officers working this case have delivered another excellent investigation, dismantling a drug supply syndicate involved in the distribution of methylamphetamine.
“Methylamphetamine is a drug that we see, daily, having an adverse impact on the community. In particular, it has a profound effect on the families of those who are addicted and the emergency workers who respond to methylamphetamine-related incidents,” Det Supt Bingham said.
The Polaris Joint Waterfront Taskforce comprises the NSW Police Force, Australian Federal Police, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and Australian Crime Commission. It is one of three such multi-agency taskforces on the Australian east coast targeting serious and organised crime in the maritime sector and supply chain.

Strike Force McMaster investigators fraud and cybercrime squad

Allegedly Ian R. ask him about the brothel and allegedly Quentin Vertigan?

North Sydney man now charged as part of investigation into fraud of elderly woman - SCC Fraud & Cybercrime Squad

Thursday, 30 October 2014 03:08:43 PM
A 43-year-old man arrested earlier today (Thursday 30 October 2014) by Fraud & Cybercrime Squad detectives has now been charged with obtain financial advantage by deception.
Refused bail, he will be put before Central Local Court where he will appear later today or tomorrow (Friday 31 October 2014).
In court, detectives will allege the man was involved in deceiving an elderly lady and her daughter into transferring over the ownership of the elderly lady’s Nambucca home.
The man was arrested and charged by detectives attached to Strike Force McMaster, a Fraud and Cybercrime Squad investigation into alleged mortgage and equipment finance fraud, whereby a number of dummy companies were set up by a number of different people and fake invoices were used to obtain finance.
To date, Strike Force McMaster investigators have charged 22 people with more than 380 offences for frauds with a combined value in excess of $36 million.
The investigation by Strike Force McMaster continues.
Police are urging anyone with information in relation to fraud to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

SV 40 Polio Vaccine and Cancer have in common?

World Truth reports
The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which is now cached, ( but now has been removed) admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.
V40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer.
SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the tumor-suppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigenMutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation, leading to cancer.

Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40 in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.
Dr. Michele Carbone openly acknowledged HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s. It was the first time since the initial transmissions took place in 1972-74, that a leading expert in the field of vaccine manufacturing and testing has openly admitted the Merck & Co. liability for AIDS
The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the world’s cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.
It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination. In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a variety other tumors. By the end of 1996, dozens of scientists reported finding SV40 in a variety of bone cancers and a wide range of brain cancers, which had risen 30 percent over the previous 20 years.
The SV-40 virus is now being detected in tumors removed from people never inoculated with the contaminated vaccine, leading some to conclude that those infected by the vaccine might be spreading SV40.
Soon after its discovery, SV40 was identified in the oral form of the polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961 produced by American Home Products (dba Lederle).
Both the oral, live virus and injectable inactive virus were affected. It was found later that the technique used to inactivate the polio virus in the injectable vaccine, by means of formaldehyde, did not reliably kill SV40.
Just two years ago, the U.S. government finally added formaldehyde to a list of known carcinogens and and admitted that the chemical styrene might cause cancer. Yet, the substance is still found in almost every vaccine.

According to the Australian National Research Council, fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to formaldehyde and may react acutely at any exposure level. More hazardous than most chemicals in 5 out of 12 ranking systems, on at least 8 federal regulatory lists, it is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to ecosystems and human health (Environmental Defense Fund).
In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA. Laboratory animals exposed to doses of inhaled formaldehyde over their lifetimes have developed more cancers of the nose and throat than are usual.
Facts Listed on The CDC Website about SV40
-SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey.
-SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine.
-SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans.

Additional Facts
-In the 1950s, rhesus monkey kidney cells, which contain SV40 if the animal is infected, were used in preparing polio vaccines.
-Not all doses of IPV were contaminated. It has been estimated that 10-30 million people actually received a vaccine that contained SV40.
-Some evidence suggests that receipt of SV40-contaminated polio vaccine may increase risk of cancer.

A Greater Perspective on Aerial Spraying and SV40
The Defense Sciences Office of the Pathogen Countermeasures Program, in September 23, 1998 funded the University of Michigan’s principal investigator, Dr. James Baker, Jr. Dr. Baker, Director of Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences under several DARPA grants. Dr. Baker developed and focused on preventing pathogens from entering the human body, which is a major goal in the development of counter measures to Biological Warfare. This research project sought to develop a composite material that will serve as a pathogen avoidance barrier and post-exposure therapeutic agent to be applied in a topical manner to the skin and mucous membranes. The composite is modeled after the immune system in that it involves redundant, non-specific and specific forms of pathogen defense and inactivation. This composite material is now utilized in many nasal vaccines and vector control through the use of hydro-gel, nanosilicon gels and actuator materials in vaccines.
Through Dr. Baker’s research at the University of Michigan; he developed dendritic polymers and their application to medical and biological science. He co-developed a new vector system for gene transfer using synthetic polymers. These studies have produced striking results and have the potential to change the basis of gene transfer therapy. Dendrimers are nanometer-sized water soluble polymers that can conjugate to peptides or arbohydrates to act as decoy molecules to inhibit the binding of toxins and viruses to cells. They can act also as complex and stabilize genetic material for prolonged periods of time, as in a “time released or delayed gene transfer”. Through Dr. Baker’s ground breaking research many pharmaceutical and biological pesticide manufacturers can use these principles in DNA vaccines specific applications that incorporate the Simian Monkey Virus SV40.
In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, “Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans.” The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according toresearch by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.
Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to “protect” the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside’s with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies. The recombinant vaccines against WNV use Rabbit Beta-globulin or the poly (A) signal of the SV40 virus. In early studies of DNA vaccines it was found that the negative result studies would go into the category of future developmental research projects in gene therapy. During the studies of poly (A) signaling of the SV40 for WNV vaccines, it was observed that WNV will lie dormant in individuals who were exposed to chicken pox, thus upon exposure to WNV aerial vaccines the potential for the release of chicken pox virus would cause a greater risk to having adult onset Shingles.
In February 2009 to present date, aerial spraying for the WNV occurred in major cities within the State of California. During spraying of Anaheim, CA a Caucasian female (age 50) was exposed to heavy spraying, while doing her daily exercise of walking several miles. Heavy helicopter activity occurred for several days in this area. After spraying, she experienced light headedness, nausea, muscle aches and increased low back pain. She was evaluated for toxicological mechanisms that were associated with pesticide exposure due to aerial spraying utilizing advanced biological monitoring testing. The test results which included protein band testing utilizing Protein Coupled Response (PCR) methods were positive for KD-45. KD-45 is the protein band for SV-40 Simian Green Monkey virus. Additional tests were performed for Epstein-Barr virus capside and Cytomeglia virus which are used in bio-engineering for gene delivery systems through viral protein envelope and adenoviral protein envelope technology. The individual was positive for both; indicating a highly probable exposure to a DNA vaccination delivery system through nasal inhalation.
The question of the century is how many other viruses and toxins are within current day vaccines that we’ll only find out about in a few decades?
Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

Co-Incidences El-Bayeh

MP's bid to free notorious former Kings Cross drug dealer ...
May 20, 2010 - "In addition Ms el Bayeh would like Mr Bayeh to be relocated to Silverwater Correctional Centre as it's closer to his family. › NSW
Jul 18, 2011 - HAVING served his sentence for dealing heroin and cocaine, Bill Bayeh will now serve customers, selling fruit and vegetables while on parole.

  • Fish out of water on rocks |
    Feb 17, 2013 - Rockfish is the new, upmarket restaurant of the El-Bayeh family, which owns the very successful El-Phoenician restaurants at Walsh Bay and ...
  • Matthew El-Bayeh talks Lebanese food and dining -
    Dec 21, 2011 - Family-owned Lebanese restaurant El-Phoenician recently expanded its business from Parramatta to the shores of the Sydney Harbour.
  • A new life for former King of the Cross, Bill Bayeh - World ...
    Jun 28, 2011 - Bayeh was arrested in 1996 for dealing heroin and cocaine from the once-notorious Cosmopolitan Cafe in Kings Cross.