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Alleged drug network Weatherstone to Juanita Nielsen


Oct 12 (6 days ago)
Im sorry all the pieces of messages Im getting from Juanita I hope you understand.  I have to find the significant links she is trying to explain to me.

I was told that the drug network was controlled by two Joe's.  The books I based on myths then I tried to connect the messages to expose this gang.  I just don't know which Joe's people talked about.  But I do know it's the two Joe's.

It is interesting the links Joe Elias and the guy that Quentin Vertigan had to take over the premises in Kings Cross.

The two Joe's I don't know much about them really yet one set the other up.

Benny Elias use to turn up with a company to Sydney Markets functions I knew that to horse racing and dinners.

The links to Quentin Vertigan was he would ring Ian R. Lazar who on one of those phone calls explained to Quentin he was involved with a $150million mining project.

One of the Joe's were in Parramatta Jail but I don't know when.

The night I was setup Karyn Englehardt went to Pyrmont.  She came back yet when she left she told me she wasn't coming back.  Her client Gonzo was asking for Cocaine.

This was the business name that Felix Lyle was utilising as the cover for him in the brothel premises to take over the lease.  They said they were going to pay for everything on the lease then they just stopped all for the reason I allege to hide the crypt or the stronghold on the floor.

The conveyancer they utilised was Austrates Conveyancing where the guy I think Tony well the guy I saw said he was the person Scott Orrock utilised.

Like all the companies I have found, as I told the police over time they were all deregistered and changed an interesting co-incidence.

An interesting co-incidence I thought for the Elias to the Oscar II and the Carroll Family Trust with the boats both are in the hotel's and have a few.

J & B Trust is someone who I think feels they are hidden yet the company D & S Australia Pty Ltd link in as the trading company and they have the premises in the trading name thou on paper it shows only D & S Australia Pty Ltd and this is how they feel they are safe from being found out.

It's a game, open the brothel and the gang comes and terrorises you.  THen Shirley Briffman dead, Harvey Jones dead, Shirley Finn dead, Andrew Michael laute terrorised by his report to me.

Interesting when the brothel under Madonna's mob linked allegedly to the Korean ship and the drugs coming in through the boats as the drops out to see marked to allegedly GPS points then picked up and brought in on smaller boats.  Some of those boats as what I believe were smaller boats.  

Just a Police search will expose within the premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point.

I just need the Police search to happen.  It's important because the longer this has taken has been unfair not just to me, unfair to Mr Weatherstone who has stressed and his agressive cancer has come back.  It is important for the bank, like the Commonwealth Bank utilised the wrong middle name for me where I was told to go to the Police and report that this Outlaw gang where the Financial Ombudsman said I was hit from the Outlaw gang.

I have asked the Bank Mr Gregory Pateman to give me a written statement that he has checked the evidence and I haven't been hit by the Notorious Scorpion gang.
I knew it was the Scorpions who owned the drug cartels, and by the research I put together in Juanita Nielsen

By my understanding the drug network heart is in Kings Cross.

If I had stayed in the premises the guys coming in were terrorifying me to a level where I thought on the 5 March 2012  If I get out of here I can't come back.  Yet on the 6th March I went back and was terrorised by Peter Schaffer and then when I opened the doors of the premises they had gone through all the cupboards, emptying bags everywhere and searching for something.  Essam walked towards me threatening me telling me he had never been picked up like that ever.  I called the police, yet I needed the help of Hugh Bond as he told me what to say as I couldn't on the 5 March 2012 and this was the same weekend I had Nadia Long ring me to tell me I was surrounded by murderers within the premises as she had been contacted by the Police in Kings Cross who had rang her.

At that time of the call Essam was in the premises and refusing to leave.  I had a guy Fat David who was Essam guy, Michael Security guy who was Essam's guy, I had Claudia Dent his girlfriend who did go, I had Melissa where they brought all her bits and pieces when I went home and filled the Room E with.  I didn't approve of that.  Amanda Waterson who seems to link in with the alleged connections to the Triads and the movements linking to Hurstville Grove.  She connected to the Triads like Peter Schaffer.  Working girl Tess who then went to work at Porky's.  Ashlea Boyle where she had a person Nick who I was very worried about a couple of weeks prior.

I had Essam during that night move himself to the back office from Room F to watch me further.  The Police picked up Essam in the premises and then Hugh Bond came back to run the premises.  All I did was get him out and go out looking on Darlinghurst Road.  When I told Hugh Bond I need coffee, I need to get out of the premises he said come with me to see Frank Amante which I did do because no one had taken me their and I wanted to see why so many had gone back to Porky's Frank Amante to talk about me.  Hugh Bond told him he was in charge of the brothel at that time and I just said hello.  I noticed both Michael and Frank were watching monitors to a degree which was a concern as this was the Dreamgirls under neath I was lead to believe.

I can supply information on Quentin Vertigan and the emails I have with Austrates Conveyancer.

What I allege and I think this is how the brothel subfloor has been put together as Sammy Sweet told me it had paperwork, linking to the crimes this gang has done.  Yet the paperwork will expose the drug network as I think this is the King's den for the Golden Scorpion and when he goes down he has evidence that will convict the people that flow on below him like the string is only unwound from the Pyramid which is invisible.  

Like the Police are pulling apart the drug network has just increased the shipments of the drugs moving to our country and around the world.

They work on one load caught, two loads get through.  

None of the drug dealers I saw had money they moved the money till I met Peter Schaffer and Essam Gerges.  Roger Hegarty told me he moved $80k profit for himself every 3 weeks yet where was it?  I never saw it.  I just made him do the drug deals in Oporto's or outside of the premises.

I have asked from 2011 for a Police search warrant, I had told Senior Constable Craig Arnold and Detective Mark Hefferman I has getting extort, I never said extortion as I was told I'd be shot by Sammy Sweet and just a phone call to have me shot.

I had Detective Amanda Dench say under oath she stopped all investigating into the extortion.  

Senior Craig Arnold acknowledged he let Sammy Sweet out.  This was before I could even tell anyone that he had for days told me he would have me shot right on Darlinghurst Road.  He told me he didn't even have to do anything except ring someone.  Roger Hegarty had taken a photo of me just a week earlier on his phone so I knew they had my photo this gang.

Sammy Sweet told me he was the right hand man for John Ibrahim and met John Ibrahim every morning where he pointed towards Porky's and said when I questioned further it was a unit.

Sammy Sweet was the guy that the working girls who had bum bags would return them to him by one working girl.  He did say upon getting the about 5-6 bags where were the phones to Maria a older sex worker big hooters from the Lido Hotel.

I was told by the Inspector at Hurstville Station to put the information into the Professional Standards.

What I found out through John Peluso Barrister Sammy Sweet as I knew him was protected.  He told me he couldn't be touched.
I was horrorfied to find this out in August 2012 after John Peluso Barrister told me he had visited someone in Kings Cross who knew what happened I will allege the person he described to me was allegedly Frank Amante, where he described being served on two occasions with a plate of Cocaine.

What I thought that PPS within the Police had no idea about Sammy Sweet as he was allowed out of the premises first with a person following him I knew as Gonzo something about a Circus link.  He wore a red and white stripe shirt and Sammy Sweet the next day told me he was an associate of the gang.

Yet was this information given to the PPS within the reports by the Police?
What about this person Gonzo I linked to a younger man as Michael J. Hand which linked to the Nugan-Hand bank and a person who back in 1975 was under Maurice Bernard Houghton yet in a position of some control.

Did the PPS have the information that a police search warrant exposing the alleged remains of someone hidden within the steps raised floor area or behind Room F where Essam Gerges painted to send the boys back to get and the images show the brickwork of the extra skin to the wall only three quarters up the wall.  What did it hide?  What was the smell in the premises where Shannon Elliffe told me it was the dead people.  The person who drilled the hole in Room G through the wall I called like a wormhole.  

Why was Peter Schaffer looking through the walls in places for a gun as he told me?  This look was punched holes, kicked holes in gyprock and cut out squares in rooms?

Being faced with Sammy Sweet when he told me when the premises are really searched by the Police with his eyes moving towards the back of the premises was a link for where I needed to focus upon my search for the evidence for I will allege for Juanita and a few more that will shock the Police when they open the area up.

PPS didn't know that Jenny Bae Byun's solicitor said infront of Registrar Howard that it was not his clients concern what Abe Saffron left behind.  However if this information by Sammy Sweet is correct and the rest of the information that I gathered from Sammy Sweet, Essam Gerges, Peter Schaffer, Roger Hegarty, Danny, Lui Villany and researched seemed correct.    Then the evidence for the search warrant will also explain in 1975 the premises was allegedly kept empty by at that time ANZ bank however within reports the premises have opened and each person who opened the premises had been terrorised however S. Hardas who was terrorised in 1985-6 went on to Manage many of the clubs Abe Saffron controlled.

When Juanita Nielsen went missing 4 July 1975 we had Barry Ward reporter who wrote about the small Hotel she went to on Roslyn Street.  THe premises through the Fire Escape is the smallest hotel in Kings Cross.

He was so close no wonder he was terrorised too.

PPS didn't have the evidence by Detective Mark Hefferman that he entered the premises looking for a yellow feather as within the transcript Police Vs Weatherstone will show.  This links to the tale of the Holy Grail and the links to the gang I expose where links to Aleister Crowley, Rothschild, Rosleen Norton all called it the Holy Graal under the order of O.T.O.

PPS didn't realise that links to the systems of the unsolved murders linked to astrology crimes matching to a scorpion on the clock for the timings of the death then it's flipped on the bi-wheel to where many of the bodies are found on the line of saturn.

I didn't pick up about the guy Tom Domican within the many stories I read on Juantia Nielsen.  I knew I was looking for someone that was hidden yet I thought when I read up on the murder the person will come out when the relics are about to be exposed.  This was the guy inside the premises when Essam introduced himself as the gun man for Bayeh and Peter Schaffer telling me I had to get Alex and myself out of the premises or have our heads blown off with his finger movements he did to me.

I knew Peter Schaffer talked to this guy, like their were big guys in all the rooms which for many I still do not know who they are.  Paul Jennings told me that night as Chop has had the biggest person in Bandidios in the premises.  How do I know who that is when I m not within the gangs nor knew about the gangs until I started to read and read when I thought I was going to be killed I thought the information I had was important to leave behind so others could expose where Juanita Nielsen was.  I knew I had seen something.

I have talked to many of the drug dealers, yet for many are only moving a point or two for their own use.  The main players are told by what I understood and saw when I was in Kings Cross people would come and pick up or they would drop off within businesses.

I noticed as I watched of a night in Surry Hills near the brothels linking to Quentin Vertigan that the cornershops would be visited by a regular guy and when you find someone on drugs and describe the guy or I learnt his name the pattern started to show up that the regular drops happened and this was how the police were having problems picking up the gang.  

Essam told me the drugs were left in particular letterboxes of a night and this I had noticed on random streets, people would walk along and open a random letterbox and grab a bag.  Back streets of Kings Cross not far from the main drag down William Street where the working girls are on the  William Street it's not far to go.

PPS did they know that karyn Englehardt had been found guilty of fraud.
PPS did they know that the premises I was told by the Police officer just to grab my wallet.  I was told not to go through the bag.  Which I did do yet this was what Sammy Sweet told me when your in the Police station we will be getting the money you owe us.

I hadn't paid the $100k Deirde Grace had asked for with Roger Hegarty. Within hours I was allegedly setup after I was threatened to be murdered by Roger Hegarty.   I hadn't paid the $1500 per week Karyn ENglehardt with Rod Raffout asked for.   Again that night the terror escalated as people coming back time and time again asking for the rent money.  Or asking for the protection money all telling me it was needed for John Ibrahim.

Scott Orrocks wife told me that the people were paid to do this to me,  she also told me that the money was for the Police.

Well all I needed was the Police to help me search as I turned my back on this gang the threats escalated and I was told if I broke through the timber behind Room G I wouldn't make it out alive as Sammy Sweet was watching the CCTV to make sure I didn't search.

Im probably not the only person who has asked this, but we need to legalise the drugs in a way as without the heroin, cocaine, cannabis in our medicines we have the virus cancer growing within our society out of control.  This was in our medicines from 1860 to 1937.

By what I have seen and reported, we have the alleged CIA involved within the drug movements.  We have the links to Nugan-Hand bank and to the CIA William Colby who worked in Australia.

PPS didn't know Shannon Elliffe had the scorpion and the cancer 69 markings on his foot.  The PPS didn't know that this person drilled the hole in Room G and then was told by Sammy Sweet to get out of the premises and to leave Kings Cross he went to Mount Isa and Brisbane.  The PPS didn't know that Shannon Elliffe had fed the insulation he stood over me to alleged associates of this same gang that was terrorising allegedly George Moussa from A1 Insulation, Homeimprove. Com and to Azoo Insulation trading as Peregrine Future Pty Ltd where he returned by Supobeania information which I supplied to the courts showing the insulation he declared had been stood over for him to collect the government payment.

This guy was a good reason why I was working on the Museum to come to Kings Cross to expose the underworld I had seen and how the drug network worked as the one army through the ranks not like how the media was disclosing to the population as separate gangs working on separate shipments.

When the drug dealer goes down in Kings Cross within 30 minutes even less their is another dealer working on the same route.  When they go into prison, within the day they come out they are allegedly given a run area within a month Scotty I reported on in Kings Cross had 5 runners working under him.

When I worked out these people who I was reporting on, who was terrorising me and many that do the city drug deals are alleged registered Police informants like the email from 5 steps no more @gmail told me.  It's not until their handler thinks they have no further use than they are caught.

During this time Peter Schaffer terrorised me, threatened my life I will allege organised the kero bombs at my house and terrorised me to a level I was frightened for my life when the accounts ran out of money.  

How can anyone catch them when the Police can't see them because they are giving information which is or has been fed through the coffee shop in Newtown.  WHO?  Was this information coming through allegedly Tom Domican who as Peter Schaffer said this man can get me anything.

Did the PPS check Judge A Garling's Exhibit G the original Red Book as any sign of the gang was removed from the evidence like the Yellow feathers as they were different to what was taken to the Police station and identified by the Victim.  Judge Garling removed from the court and never offered me the item to be put in as an exhibit.

Enforcer allegedly is Tom Domican.

For his anti-drugs campaign, Mackay was murdered by Robert Trimbole. The hit was carried out by an enforcer for the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union. It was then given extensive political cover by a Labor politician, Al Grassby.

Read more:

So I never watched Underbelly, as I noted most of the research was put forward by names that came up well allegedly involved.  

I have tried to work out who the other Joe I heard was a master mind.  Well someone important within the system.  I allege Joe Tripodi.

Yet beside the alleged murder of John Newman MP that I write about.
The connections with the alleged gang 5t or was that like the email I received from Anon 5stepsnomore?  

Just the Police search will expose I feel more than what I can do with Juanita thou she is a magnificent researcher and reporter who has helped me to unravel some of this system and expose the patterns within the murders to the authorities.  Juanita has given me protection as when I was inside the premises in Kings Cross a curtain moved to save my life.  I know something did it.

I just Believe.

S for the Scorpion with the dagger for the alleged Bandidos fits to the sign you see around Kings Cross for Juanita Nielsen.

I don't think as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said in Kings Cross Police Station I turn a blind eye to this.  Well a police search will expose the drug network and by turning that blind eye will and has allowed the drug network to keep operating.  

Essam Gerges, Peter Schaffer and so many others are just foot soldiers the paperwork within the step I was told about is worth trying to see if what this gang was protecting does expose this gang to pull it apart like never before.

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