Monday, 13 October 2014

Gun Running alleged gang links to Kings Cross and further

Strike Force Raptor named Ibrahims on the Notorious gang.

Mr Alexander Lawyer allegedly links to the Notorious Gang.  A person where Kings Cross Police fed the file of Police Vs Weatherstone all for a reason.

When I was confronted with a guy threatening to blow our heads off this man had talked about the stash of guns.

Part in Chatswood in a warehouse.  One part of a glock gun.

The Notorious President was allegedly from Chatswood.

Then the other half was held in the South.

Rogue customs officers allowed guns through › NSW
Dec 21, 2012 - ... by Sydney crime gangs - passed through Port Botany after customs ...Mohamad Jomaa,

Police pulled over Allan Sarkis, the president of Notorious, in Chatswood about 9pm on Wednesday and allegedly found 26 Alprazolam tablets.
Alan Sarkis was from Hornsby.;jsessionid=70AF2FAECF54766AE319A89C792C1A3A?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=1981&clsPage=1&docID=SMH090327FH1VU71AAG6

Within the reports some of the information is correct.[141112].pdf
Nov 14, 2012 - Mr George Sarkis of Sarkis Bros for Sandstone and Quarry, ......worried if the people who mix the fuel for Woolworths were mixing the drugs 

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