Sunday, 19 October 2014

What number person are you?

  • Time for tarot connections.  Yes this is the Occult where the Freemason's were the masters of.

  • First the date of birth leaving off the year is one number for guidance to your inner strengths.
When we had the dates of our birthday with the year equals the number you are.  You are awakening the Chakra within you to understand just a little more about you or your partner.

I'm a number 9 person for my spiritual number and traits of number 8 included in the mix.

What numbers are you?

  • 1 means you are a natural innovator with a unique personality.
  • 2 means you are a kind, accommodating and collaborative individual.
  • 3 means you are dynamic, creative, and socially
  • 4 means you are highly organized, determined,
    and  one others can rely on.
  • 5 means you are grandiose and do everything
    bigger and better.
  • 6 means you are conscientious, diligent, and a self-proclaimed perfectionist.
  • 7 means you are analytical, strategic, and can
    always see the big picture.
  • 8 means you are strong-willed, confident and
    more powerful than most.
  • And 9 means you are gifted, intuitive, and a
    natural teacher.

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