Friday, 17 October 2014

Putting St George Bank on Notice


Oct 8 (10 days ago)
I note I have already Put the NSW Police force on notice as on the 29 July 2011 I told them I was extort was my answer as I was told by Sammy Sweet Id be shot for the word extortion.

The St George bank has received information on my research as 9/10's of the law is precident law.  So I reversed this to see and expose the gang in Kings Cross.

Can the bank give me in writing by affidavit or witnessed statement that this gang I have exposed as the Original Gang links to Notorious Scorpion as was one name for the Nomads.

Pink...Pope, (i) seeing eye, Nomad, Knights.

Pope is the person who is known within the evidence as moves under Masand movements for the gang.

As it is known as the Dragon line, and St George bank logo is a dragon.

The devil is named in the Quran Iblis which is close to the trouble now of Isis?  Derived from the name from Arab, Balasa, "He depaired" sc of the mercy og God but he is also al-haitan, satan and the enemy of God.  At the time, he will be cat into Jahannam by prophet Eli Jah.

I have had no clarification from the Police nor from the bank that the money was not taken by the Outlaw gang I started to research full time from 2009 and what I tried to expose through the connections with corruption and council's from 1990.

This gang I expose leave links behind.

Can the bank clarify the money was not taken by the alleged Original gang allegedly known as Nomads, Notorious Scorpion like the scorpion who labels the drugs coming into the country.

I allege the links to Hells Angels is through the company The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Limited which formed 19 september 1975 after Juanita Nielsen went missing.

Assyria, known today as Iraq. in my book I read Redeemed by the Blood  by Des Rose who was a Methodist Minister who tried to expose this gang.

The VICTIM said she was picked up by Adam.  Adam is a person who has gained colours of Notorious on Facebook.

This guy allegedly could be a link to the University and Gao Murder just a co-incidence that circled.  Thou he is not asian.

I expose the system with the Bible thou I just Believe.  
God warned man that if they drank the blood of beasts, he would require the blood of man at the hand of every Beat Genesis 9.5

The number of unsolved murders and missing persons I link to a system I called the scorpion rituals 81.

So can we have some formal response by email would be quicker as NSW Police and Federal Police will need to search the premises in Kings Cross which I call the heart of the Scorpion and where the links to Golden Scorpion links in history to Golden Dawn and O.T.O linking to Aleister Crowley and Rothschild who started this secret order.

O'Muhammad had a liking to Cat.  This building I expose in my history links to the only Infamous Pink Pussycat which infamous is another word for Scorpion.

Muezza is who Peter Schaffer called one of the people.  An interesting co-incidence.

Look at how many have MC yet Muslim brotherhood was links in history a gang utilised by Rothschild.

MC is Mercy.  They have mislead with Motor Cycle.  MC  Muhammad Cat?  Link to ANZ ownership and the premises empty.  My understanding of how ANZ and Westpac with a division St George works.  This person is one that threatened to murder me and I have not seen him with hair.  He is protected in Kings Cross Barrister John Peluso told me.  Meaning this protection was with alleged corruption as he is known I allege as the Inpector within this position of the gang.

The Bank just has to confirm in writing that this alleged gang I expose in history linking to Kings Cross 1804, to Union Bank, then to ANZ Bankas the premises were empty all for a reason.

There is a smell in the premise where Shannon Elliffe told me it was dead bodies and had threatened to me several times till Sammy Sweet told him to leave Kings Cross.

The Police search warrant will expose the secrets?  Just they must be waiting all for the answers to just appear?

Like I was told by Kings Cross Police, Surry Hills Police bring me a bone and we will search.  Yet my life was threatened, when the money ran out the terror increased to in February 2013 Peter Schaffer told me he was coming to get me, he told me he was outside and told my daughter he was a police officer.

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