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Muslim Brotherhood and the red book

Muslim Brotherhood is a link through all the alleged gangs.  This is where Detective Mark Carter who did ask my permission to search the premises in Kings Cross then stopped.  Like Detective Amanda Dench said under oath she stopped all investigating both Police link to Kings Cross Police station by Police Professional Standards."The Muslim Brotherhood is a London creation, forged as the standard-bearer of an ancient, anti-religious (pagan) heresy that has plagued Islam since the establishment of the Islamic community (umma) by the Prophet Mohammed in the seventh century. Representing organized Islamic fundamentalism, the organization called the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimum in Arabic) was officially founded in Egypt, in 1929, by the British agent Hasan al-Banna, a Sufi mystic. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella under which a host of fundamentalist Sufi, Sunni, and radical Shiite brotherhoods and societies flourish."
The Nazis, created by the Illuminati, at the core represented an occult society that grew out of the associations around Jamal ud Din al Afghani and his H.B. of L. The Nazi Party was the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. The chief architect of the Thule group was Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, who had contact with Dervish Orders, and knew much about Sufism.
The link to the banks is the O.T.O linked to the Golden Dawn and the Rothschild family.  Linking to the control of the banking system as the owner of the currency.

What I connect with was I was hit with Nigeria Scam  Bauer.  At the time I was being terrorised by Peter Schaffer and others.  I had Alex walking around with a hammer yet he told me the power was outside.  I didn't realise the guy I saw in the premises and links to Juanita Nielsen was allegedly Tom Domican.  
Alex had taught me how to get out of the movement whhich Tom Domican specilises where the nose breaks the skull.  Something linking to the murders out of Bowraville children.
Mr Asia, Robert Trimbole, a link to Trevor Haken.  Yet Peter Schaffer who looks like Robert Trimbole.  Peter Schaffer said he worked for Asian Grandmother.

I had the night Peter Schaffer told me he was coming to get me about 10 people on the verandah 65a Kyle Pde, by a banking person Tony Bauer.

I had the links that Essam told me he had murdered people with Peter Schaffer and they described it in depth.  Yet without the Police search warrant no one will know. Ill be killed and then it's just novels.

Essam known as Egyptian Sam, proverb Egyptian about the snake and scorpion.

The King of the underworld links to the 13th Zodiac in the sky where the murders follow a pattern to the Scorpion.
The King in Kings Cross the first line of defence they used on me were Rebels, then associates of Hells Angels Room D, Sammy Sweet links allegedly as the Inspector and a friend of John Ibrahim's like when he was stabbed yet where?  Above Sweethearts?  In the toilets?
The link to Danny Scorpion or Notorious who was heavily involved with the gang and heroin as he took with ice & GHB to the working girls.  He would utilise a drug dealer for the ice as Mohammad yet I didn't see him.
John Ibrahim to Escorts is Hugh Bond.
Kyle Sandilands to Escorts is Simon
Frank Amante to Escorts Danny and Sammy Sweet

We had Danny Scorpion.
In 2009 to 2010 Alex and I researched the drug networks how the drugs worked.  Alex thought by the end of 2009 the link was the Scorpion.
To expose the gang, was then Shannon Elliffe, linked to Bondi Ink, to Moussa, to Newcastle to Home 
It was  a start, during the next 12 months I worked to find a link Blackwood Capital came up and Alex told me by his research the link to this company had something to do with it.  I found the money movements happening in Melbourne linking to $76000.00 and more.  Links to Alan Bond and to Jewish control through Francis Harper.
A link to the information of how the mining links was through Quentin Vertigan to Ian R Lazar and how Ian R Lazar was the money guy for Bill Bayeh by what I heard on phone calls and what I saw.

I had a company co-incidence UK interested in all the rights to the books for $2 million for 50%.  I don't own the rights.

UK is a link where I heard Alan Bond through Jeremy Bond and phone calls to Francis Harper linked to alleged strings of the puppet and to what I saw voting by a guy that came from Hong Kong at the time  a Aussie but old.

When I noticed the money movements and had found the Accountant travelled to other businesses allegedly a link to South Africa.

I was told by Sammy Sweet he wanted the list I had that was the information on Blackwood's with the threats Alex said hand it over to him yet when I went to the area in the office paperwork I had was gone.
"The Illuminati knows the people are going to find out about them ...the best thing they can do is call your attention towards something else and say that's that. So they have reflected the attention on Zionism ...The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren't Jews. Their founders were Jews by birth, but not by religion. But most of its leaders, except for the Rothschilds, are Gaelic: Scotch or French Gaelic. It's got nothing to do with Jews. My family & most of the people serving on the Grand Druid, their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome & Greece & England, to the original priesthood. Some go back as far as Egypt & Babylon. It's got nothing to do with the Jews."

again a link to John Ibrahim links.
John Ibrahim bank St George by reports.
By the history Bayeh protected on side of the road Roslyn St to Pink Pussycat to Love Machine.
Interesting that so many of the ATM's are on that side.

I exposed the gang, yet Kings Cross Police had stopped, than State Crime Command and now allegedly Police Commissioner Scipione.

Woods Royal Commission showed $14million to corrupt Police and Politicans.

Roger Rogerson links to the ice, Glen McNamara and to 3 asians.  
3 Asians linked to the ice movements to Sleevemaster's Billy and sex worker Erica to Stripperama where she stayed in 2011.

When the Wood's Royal Commission linked this gang to the top Club 13 as the alleged heavies no evidence.  Well search the premises 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross will expose the crimes, the murders, the missing persons to allegedly another person allegedly Tom Domican and who protected, who sent people after me all to hide the paperwork as Sammy Sweet said for the gang, a gang that utilises black magicK to hide.
K for Kill.
I  always said when they search they will find the scorpion.  Essam agreed with me, a person who was the alleged puppet for the man with glasses that no one would tell me his name fearing death allegedly Tom Domican who links to the cafe Newtown where Peter Schaffer said the drugs are out the back and we all go their even Scott.

The link to Scott Orrock's court case a police officer in my mind described Peter Schaffer with his sloppy joe in a car.

The link to the working girl being thrown out a window Kellet Way building?  Link to the Police nab of drug ice movements to Kellett Way after I sent information?  One part of intelligence.

This gang as Peter Schaffer would tell me he drove my car to break in's yet he or someone moved it around town all for a reason to show the power of the drug network fines in parking is legal extortion.
Nigeria Scam legal extortion but not when this gang is telling you they will return your money if you go along and the Police cant catch them.

We all assume the Police are honest, yet what I saw I expose to the Police and the terror continued for me in reality.  The registrar of Police Informants is how they have protection in Kings Cross to Sydney to not get caught and these people are fed through the gangs information on drug movements to stay protected.

The Bank when I was taken by Essam into commonwealth bank I expected the guy to ring the Police for me but nothing happened I was histerically crying.  
I dialled 000 the Police Constable arrived 2.5 hours later and told me Roger Hegarty was his friend.
The Bank Westpac back in time lost something.

Our history | Westpac

We're Australia's first bank, and first company, established in 1817 as the bank of ... that the Bank of NSW's Chief Cashier had stolen half its subscribed capital, none of ... The Bank's major expansion began in response to the gold fever in 1851 .

Is this the heart of the Golden Scorpion?

The owners Jenny Bae Byun link allegedly to a sister Jenny of Kenny Bae in prison in Korea 

The links to Little Jenny's as allegedly to Market Street however the link to San Antonio USA links to the Scorpion gang for the holder of money for what I have studied.

The links to this alleged game this gang plays is the drug runners are told where to drop money off?  This links to around Australia to Hotels, this I noticed linked to the ATM's where Roger Hegarty always started his run going to Kings Cross Police Station then to allegedly pick up GHB at the Gazebo by what I could see then off in the cab up Darlinghurst Rd, Deirde Grace would walk to Porky's.

The Scorpion is the holder of the drug cartel around the world and is noted in images of cocaine stamped.

The Scorpion is who I have been exposing the owner of the hidden system links by my research to allegedly Rothschild, Prescott Bush, Onassis who linked to Stripperama back prior to 1963.

The accountant Meyer Lanksy was allegedly replaced with Robert M. Bauer LLC Spring Hill Florida.

Just the Police search warrant will expose so much yet the corruuption of the system has stopped at State Crime Command the only people above is Parliament where the ICAC exposes the corruption and with the Police Minister Gallacher, Premier O'Farrell, etc.  Then the Governor General the link to Marie Bashir is lebanese and links to Kings Cross Biker Animal Randel Nelson who sat on the strip for hours.

So I asked the Solicitor to expose the research to the Police to push for the Police Search warrant where Kings Cross Sgt Kirby Police said the Financial Ombudsman didn't do the paperwork right is all the reasons why this Police search is needed more and more.

Juanita Nielsen is one of the murders, yet many will be exposed where the drug network today will no longer exist.

The Wood's Royal Commission asked for the Police to be an identity by themselves helps corruption.
Wood's Royal Commission removed 50% of the police Kings Cross what happened to the rest?  They stayed?  System stayed?
Wood's Royal Commission pushed for the Medical Injecting room to aid and abet an illegal substance.
Wood's Royal Commission alleged Ray Hood, John Peluso, Connomous, I have had trouble with and thugs who came after me.  

Just the Police search warrant will expose why Barrister White said many have their hearts in the wrong place for the corruption.

Just the Police search warrant will expose.

How can the Police and the bank expose corruption where the owners of the alleged drug network links to the hidden power?  Rothschild?  Yet the plans to expose where Juanita's skull is and allegedly many others was made by  a Rothschild.  Just a co-incidence.


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Email to Governor General through website.

I have exposed the alleged link to the underworld to a hidden stronghold in Kings Cross 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point.  The extortion and fraud horrific yet all by the underworld who controls the drug network.  I opened Juanita Nielsen murder from 1975.  Please the evidence exposes that the level of the corruption in the Police links to Scipione, and further.  Please just a Police search warrant.  I send all correspondence to Deborah Cox NSW Governor General.  We need the Police search warrant then finding the remains of Juanita Nielsen to remove the Police and Parliament where they stopped this search.  The Financial Ombudsman in Melbourne is aware of the problems.  Kings Cross Police have stopped all investigating and I was told the protection links allegedly to Michael Drury Ex NSW and AFP Police and who's partner is in charge of DPP.  I write The Kings Cross Sting, the company I have uncovered is a matrix web linking to J & B Trust.  I have exposed the problem from 2011 however no one exposes the master plans of this gang where as I was told by Sammy Sweet links to paperwork hidden.

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