Monday, 13 October 2014

Strike Force Raptor...Notorious Gang.

ALMOST 1700 bikies have been arrested and more than 3800 charges laid during a three-year operation that also dismantled the Notorious outlaw motorcycle gang.

2009 was when the research for The Kings Cross Sting started on a serious basis.

Police say the Notorious gang, responsible for many public shootings and other criminal activities, was also dismantled as a direct result of their operations.

"This has been a highly-successful operation and the results demonstrate the need for us to keep the pressure on outlaw motorcycle gangs and their associates," commander of the Gangs Squad, Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis, said in a statement.  Published story 29 March 2012.
I had this gang still coming after me, as the ones high up and protected by being an associate of other Outlaw gangs and giving information for the Police to do drug busts as registered Police Informants.
I allege this gang is still working as hidden within the system of the Drug network as One Nation.

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