Saturday, 11 October 2014

Juanita Nielsen connects with Madonna Mob the Bankstown Boys

Juanita Nielsen's disappearance within the research linked to a Bankstown Hotel.

Co-incidence the premises where I allege Juanita Nielsen has been hidden well at least her skull was called Madonna's.

  • 5T gang member shot dead while on parole - › Home › National News
    May 17, 2002 - His boss, 5T gang leader "Madonna" Van Ro Le, was shot dead in February 1999 in a Bankstown hotel by break-away members of the gang in  ...
  • 5T (gang) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The 5T was a Vietnamese crime gang active in the Cabramatta and ... Aces andMadonna's boys (breakaway groups of the 5T) challenged the 5T leading to an  ...

  • Jewish center attacked in Australia as stabbing of ex IDF ... › Articles
    Aug 6, 2006 - Attacks on non Muslim young girls who were gang raped by Lebanese .....particularly the 5T, the Four Aces and Madonna's Mob, 
  • The four aces?  These allegedly might be people of control?
  • This was when Bill Bayeh was in Prison, however we have the links to Madonna's mob as active in 2006.  
  • Madonna's was the largest heroin bust in Kings Cross in 2009 however the Strike Force didn't search the premises correctly.  I was told it was an inside job.  Well that's what Sammy Sweet told me back in 2011.
  • Madonna's could trade yet it was just the heroin and the connections with a Million dollars found in the walls links to the hidden power I investigated.
  • Just the Police search warrant will expose not just where Juanita ended up.  It will expose the hidden power as Sammy Sweet said the paperwork within the Steps will expose.  All I know the Police have waited for this gang to remove the remains however under black magicK the remains were placed within the crypt and with the knowledge this gang doesn't have the powerful black magicK knowledge to remove the evidence and relocate it.  So they go quiet and keep the premises empty?  
  • 39 Darlinghurst Road is a key within this alleged drug war I am exposing.  Te Hongi?  Te is YOU or YOUR sometimes it's meaning is Always.  Hongi is a welcome in Maori however the link is to the alleged Asian control of the drug network.

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