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Links to Bankstown and further


Oct 12 (6 days ago)
I had the links to 2011 to the Bankstown Boys they called themselves.  Some then corrected me it was the Triads I had picked up on.

These guys and gals linked to the alleged ice system linking to Omar for the Lido Hotel bust and to Peter Schaffer, Essam Gerges linked to the Hells Angels and the higher up I went to Sammy Sweet where the working girls would return the bum bags by the sex worker Maria who was living in the Lido Hotel.

The money he would ditch by my understanding as he would never have money.

I had the link with Bill Bayeh to Bankstown for the shoe shop.

I had the link to Juanita Nielsen to Mr Godson who owned the hotel or managed the Jakesby Hotel for Abe Saffron.  THe link to her part remains are under his swimming pool and her skull and some bones are in the hidden compartment in Kings Cross on the 2nd hallway in the abandoned brothel.

The Hotel is Oscar owned then I found this.  This gang by what I see works as Peter Schaffer told me for the asian grandmother of the drug network.

Beached gunshot victim was on luxury boat owned by pub ...

Jan 2, 2014 - The multi-million dollar Oscar II luxury vessel was hit with more than a ...Other Sydney pubs owned by Oscars Hotels include the Southern

  1. New owners' plans for Novotel Northbeach | Illawarra Mercury

    Feb 20, 2014 - North Wollongong's Novotel Northbeach is being sold to the Oscars Hotels group, owners of the Towradgi Beach Hotel.
  • Oscars Hotels buys The Annandale - The Daily Telegraph
    May 31, 2013 - OSCARS Hotels has bought the Annandale Hotel. ... A statement from the hotel group said they would continue the live music while also  ...
  • Annandale sold to Oscars Hotel | Music | The Guardian

    May 31, 2013 - ... said he had not been approached for a meeting by the group but he ...Oscars Hotels also owns Hotel Sweeneys and Bar Century and the
  • -

    Now if you look at the money, some of these Hotels that are in the control of Oscars or are bought by Oscars were connecting by my research and by what Peter Schaffer told me linked to the owners of the Sugar Mill in Kings Cross as part of the Cuz's.

    1. Gunman sprays luxury yacht OSCAR II with bullets at Rose ...

      Jan 2, 2014 - A gunman fired up to 18 shots at a boat as it pulled in to Rose Bay Wharf late on ... A man who was shot on board the luxury yacht, OSCAR II, is believed to be ...Police are investigating if the ambush in Sydney's east has any  ...

    The other link I worked out is to the Astoria Hotel.  I was told the couple I was seeing around Bondi the guy that worked out at the park near the beach with the girlfriend in the red car doing the delivers 8am to 8pm were utilising a Real Estate Agent.  The owner of the Astoria Hotel is a real Estate agent.

    The links to his name comes up on a lot of property.

    The links on the real estate agents I have noticed property moves it is told to the world sold, big ads then up for sale again.  I write about this as a way this gang is cleaning money within the alleged drug trade the example that is well noted within the industry is 52 Kellett St Kings Cross.  This brothel Peter Schaffer talked about, I went through this when it was up for sale privately in 2010.  It had asians up in the top rooms with the doors shut and you were not allowed to look in the rooms.  The guy who answered the door to me was a solid, european man mid 40's maybe.  I never saw the premises utilised as a brothel yet the kitchen did have working girls by the shoes and rubbish left behind.

    Just sold the premises $2million last couple of months.  Now up for sale I noticed yesterday with the front of the premises painted.

    The asian brothel Maggie's that works but I was told by Quentin Vertigan who is the white man of asian shops told me it was an ex police detective who protected the premises for money.  He told me it would cost $1500 to $2500 a week and he wanted $1500 he put paperwork to me through Steve Brown Lawyer on this.

    I just need the police search warrant 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road which will expose this gang further as it is the top of the pyramid where all of them protected because without this hidden compartment as it protects the gang I feel bringing in the drugs as holding something over so many of the drug dealers on the ground and they came from Bankstown to show to me that the terror would keep coming.  This was Mohammad I knew him as Mohammad however the face linked to Mohammad Jomaa.

    This is the links to the main drug line they call the Scorpion cartels.

    quentin Vertigan is involved with a farm up near Toowoomba by what I see on the internet when you google is name.

    Quentin Vertigan is where the asian working girls are taken too first coming into the country out at Fairfield they come with an old asian lady from the City.  When they meet Quentin they are not long with him and he jumped in his car and was off.  Which was interesting.  

    I was told a egg size heroin was worth allegedly $10k to the working girl and $100k to the seller and jumped makes $250k on sold this linked to the Kyoto Massage brothels where the links I noticed to him where the alleged taxi's would pour people into the premises up near Misty's and they would go out the back door because I never saw many come back out the front door.

    They all protected the premises in Kings Cross all for a reason.

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