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ANZ to Abe Saffron history

History exploses the heart of the Golden Scorpion.

As in the sky it is the red heart for Antares in the Scorpio zodiac.

The oldest brothel in Kings Cross links to 1950 The Golden Apple on Victoria Street Potts Point.

However this unit in Kings Cross has linked since 1948 to the King of Jacob by my research linking Abe Saffron as a King for allegedly the front of two families one from Britain and one from America.

Eabona Pty Ltd is a connection Evan Whitton Journalist made to a key within this alleged system.

Cocaine and Heroin in Kings Cross are very controlled to buy.  You must be in the know as they say!

1804 The Hooked X map subdivision was happening and the name Russell connected.
 1835  ANZ began in London in 1835 as the Bank of Australasia, established under Royal Charter.

Relevance is to Juanita Nielsen who went missing 4 July 1975.
Over the years ANZ grew by a series of acquisitions and mergers resulting in the incorporation of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited in 1970, which moved its head office from the United Kingdom to Australia in 1976.

 The ANZ bank "set up a small office for him at their Kings Cross branch. He was such an important customer to them that they would open at any time for him, including weekends."

Now by the history the premises in Kings Cross was owned by ANZ Bank and prior to that by the Body Guard of  S.D. McDonald Pty Ltd as it was Sid McDonald that rolled over from Tilly Devine control to Abe Saffron control.

Abe Saffron's office was used by his son to count the brown envelopes.

Mr. Saffron agreed that his businesses had a number of accounts with the A.N.Z. Bank.

 The evidence of Denbeigh Robert Jones

(a) Mr. Jones' written statement
In his written statement, dated 28 July 1992 (Ex. 8), Mr. Jones said that, from 1972 until 1977, he was the manager of the Kings Cross branch of the A.N.Z. Bank. 

We have the self declared King of the Cross John Ibrahim connects to St George where ANZ is a holder in the identity Westpac.

King of Jacob....  We continue the quest for the lost relics   Where the bones remain.

Bonnette also knew John Marcus Muller, alias Miller and Milner, a heavy at The Palace (otherwise the 22 Club), a Kings Cross casino, and named as one of the last three men seen with Juanita Nielsen before she disappeared in July 1975. Muller was killed in the driveway of his home in June 1979 in a shooting police believed could have been connected with an attempt on the life of George Freeman six weeks previously.

The report of the Commonwealth-NSW Joint Task Force on Drug-Trafficking says: ‘There is little doubt that Saffron was involved in at least this one transaction with Nugan Hand. Though its precise nature cannot be defined, the transaction involved in some way Hong Kong and the sum of $50 000… That at least Saffron chose to lie about his association with Hand… only adds to the suspicion that there was something either illegal or improper about it.’

Martine Woodward added: “It feels like your house has been robbed in a way. I couldn't tell you the amount of time we've both been awake at two or three o’clock in the morning, heads ticking over about all this, how are we going to survive this.”
Hacker Patrick Bernard is now in jail, but the ANZ is refusing to help.

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