Saturday, 4 October 2014

Tony Abbott is he illegally elected as Prime Minister Report by 9 News

A Queensland blogger looking for proof that the Prime Minister has renounced his British citizenship has raised the possibility that Tony Abbott may be ineligible to run for office in Australia.
The blogger, who goes by the name Tony Magrathea, submitted freedom of information requests to the Prime Minister's office and the British Home Office seeking a copy of the RN form that British subjects use to renounce their citizenship.
Both requests were refused, according to documents on his website.
Ninemsn has sought comment from Mr Magrathea, but are yet to receive a response.
Under the constitution of Australia, people who hold dual citizenship are not permitted to stand for election to Federal Parliament.
"It is very clear, according to the Commonwealth Electoral Act of 1918, that to stand for election a person must be an Australian citizen," Professor Augusto Zimmerman of Murdoch University told ninemsn.
"But Section 44 of the Constitution is very clear that for a person to stand for election, they must not hold the citizenship of any foreign power. So if a person has dual citizenship, and they have not renounced the former one, they are ineligible.
"It's absolutely unequivocal," he said.


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