Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Skull and Bones it is more than just money they do?

What the Skull & Bones Society and Illuminati is all about it is not a bad idea to read the following, by Col. Edward M. House (he was only a bogus Colonel); have no doubt, there are self-centered losers calling many of the big-plays in our world who envision this type of scenario for us all....
The Illuminati Agenda
An illusion it will be, so large it will escape perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane. We will accomplish one drop at a time which will prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur. We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite. We will use toxins, aging accelerators and sedatives in food, water and air. They will be blanketed by poisons everyway they turn. We will promise to find cures from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison. The poisons will destroy their minds and reproductive systems. From all this, their children will be born sick. When they give birth we will inject more poisons into the blood of their children and convince them it’s for their help.
We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones. We will start early on. When their minds are young we will target them with what children love most, sweet things. When their teeth decay we will fill them with toxic metals that will kill their mind and steal their future. When their ability to learn has been affected, we will give them toxic drugs that will make them even sicker and cause other diseases for which we will give them more drugs. We will render them docile and weak. They will grow depressed, obese and feebleminded, and when they come to us for help we will give them more poison.
We will focus their attention toward material goods and entertainment so they will never connect to anything essential. We will guide them and let them think they are guiding themselves. They will live in self-delusion. Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be that they will never know they are our slaves. Their minds will belong to us and they will obey. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technologies. We will include fear as one of our weapons. We will establish their government with two opposites within. We will own both sides. They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil. We will make them hate and kill each other when it suites us. We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths. We will take over their land, resources and wealth, and deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have left.
We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in perpetual debt. When they shall band together we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media. When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects for they will have no weapons. We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans. Those they look up to we will enlist to push our poisons. The recruits will be called “initiates” and we will reward them with money and great titles, but they will never become part of us. When a light shines among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule or death, whichever suits us best. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin.
This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans. This covenant must never be known to exist. If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action and no person will give us shelter.

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