Saturday, 25 October 2014

Murder Maria Hisshon Unsolved murder

1975 we had the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen 4 July. 

Then we had 24th December 1975 25 year old Melbourne dress designer and suspected of being a drug courier Maria Hisshion was murdered.  Her body was weighed down with a 7kg anchor was found in Sydney Harbour on 6th January.

Maria Hisshon last known movements was dinner with her mother.  She was identified through her jewellery when the body surfaced off North Head two weeks later.  Maria Hisshon had been shot in the head with a .32 bullet and tied to the anchor.   Heroin they say was the link?  Some said she wanted out.  That’s what happens they can’t get out from the mob alive.  This was blamed with the connections to Double Bay Mob?  I linked Juanita Nielsen’s murder to the Double Bay mob just a co-incidence.  Police claimed allegedly Barry Pyne borrowed a boat on the night of her disappearance.  He was to have left Australia.  At the time he refused to answer the Police questions.

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 14 February 2007 “Brothel Black Market Worth $500 million”.
The Banker?  Diamond Jim Shepherd had the heroin in the garbage bins held in a room of his apartment.  He was known as the connection with the heroin and Mr Asia syndicate.  Diamond Jim connected with Terence Clark over the heroin.

Diamond Jim Shepherd was noted to having his trusty .32 calibre automatic pistol stashed in the city.  Same size bullet which Maria Hisshoin received?

Between 1974 and 1979 Terrence Clark, Johnstone and their heroin supplier Chinese Jack Choo had built up a drug empire that brought in tens of millions of dollars and stretched across Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.  This was what Juanita was investigating in part I felt for the timing of 1975. 

Interesting Maria Hisshion murder "Diamond Jim" Shepherd blamed Terrence Clark as doing the murder.  This links to Robert Trimbole.

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