Friday, 3 October 2014

Co-incidence Mr Lyle, Mr Moussa,

Justice Adams also found that Mr Reddy’s “accomplice” Felix Lyle had also received some of the illicit cash.
Reddy was also found to have faked tax returns for Ms Menzies. Although Ms Menzies is a nurse, the tax returns showed her receiving a fat salary and dividends as a director of “Gas Nightclub”, in Haymarket near Central Station, which at the time was owned or operated by Mr Lyle.
Other documents showed Ms Menzies was an “events manager” at the nightclub earning $135,000.
Justice Adams found that Mr Reddy “well knew that Ms Menzies was a nurse” and that she didn’t work in a nightclub.
Menzies faced the loss of her Stanmore home after the bank called in the loan. She now gets to keep her home.
When she feared losing her home, Ms Menzies met with Mr Lyle and his friend Ali Moussa, and Mr Lyle’s son Dallas Fitzgerald (currently in jail for a $150 million fraud) in the foyer of the Sheraton Hotel on Elizabeth Street.
Ms Menzies said Mr Lyle told her “Terence has been doing a lot of stuff that we don't agree with and we're not talking to him anymore” and Mr Moussa said “Well we're going to have words with Terence and sort it all out.”.

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