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She's in the Mirror

Act 3. SHE' IN THE MIRROR III: the final explanation...

It is believed that old myan rituals included trapping demonds in mirrors.It was called 863. The number each demonic voice called on each fatal night. these instanses have happend all through times. taunting anyone that contactrd the dead on November 13th. Each case was at this date at 2.55am. This is to taunt the holy trinity, the death of christ. these demonic forceds mock this hour. Racheal is dead, Dester is dead, Flake id dead, and Stell is still missing. Some have seen her in a cabin, far into dark woods. so far 5 teens and an elderly couple have vanished after entering the area. Her legend is still alive and is to be told of soon.

in conclusion to the series, never contact the dead. and if you do, the same things may happen.

I will be making another series soon...

Act 2. SHE'S IN THE MIRROR II: unexplained...

The following was never recorded, untill the body of Rachael Huggins was found... The where abouts of the following people are still unknown.
Dexter Huggins
Stell Huggins
Flake Huggins
Journal entry of Stell Huggins: november 13th, 1979.
Our small cottage has grown to be creepy. Flake wont stop his games with the evil board. i was sleeping when he was using it. at 2.55am i woke up. i heard him chanting. 'I comand the devil to give me power, in return for the future offspring of stell Huggins.' My eye opened wide. a cold breeze flew into my room. i looked up at my bedroom door. A squeeky noise rang through my ears. Then silence. Something was moving at the corner of my eye. i looked. something was dripping down the wall from the ceiling. then A DEMONOTIC VOICE SCREAMED OUT, IN A DARK TONE... 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE 863!' I closed my eyes tighed as the cold breeze rapped around my leg. then, i was ripped away from my bed as a force ripped my hair out, whilst flinging objects at my head. It ripped my head and pointed it towards the wall. the red liquid dripping from the roof formed text. 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!'. I screamed and screamed and sceamed. i was droped and flake ran into my room with a creepy face. his eyes white, completly. his voice was darker as he said 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!'. Then he droped to the ground. my door slamed shut. a demonotic screamed shook the house as Dexter ran into my room screaming. something pushed him back. he was held in mid air. then there was silence. he head started movibg to the right. Then his neck snaped and he fell to the ground. i ran out side in the dark... and now im writing this to warn you my daughter, GET OUT OF THE HO.

This was the last and only recount of that day. and was found by racheal the night of her first attack. When asked about why she stopped writing and why she didnt warn her daughter. she left the room. and is now missing...

Bored so im going to start a series of scary storys.


Racheal was a normal girl. brown hair, blue eyes, your typical teenage girl. ever since she was young she could see things. visions, figures, faces. she never talked about it. untill one night. the night of November the 13th. it was 2.55am. she had woken up several nights before at the same time. the as she lay in her freezing bed her door slowly creeked open. solid hooved dragged on the hard wodden floor. a blast of cold air swept through the room. Racheal opened her eyes and saw a figure. a loud shreik echoed trough the house as the demond ripped hsr up and objects flung into her head. 'GET OUT NOW. 864!' A dark voice demanded. books slamed into her head. She screamed and screamed and screamed. she hair ripped from her skull. being slapped in the face. then she droped. the next day her mother took her the the hospital after finding her unconsious. she got home all ok. she wouldnt speak. silent. her mum left for work. this time it was 2.55pm, and racheal went the bath room. she stared in the mirror. The freezing air rushed into the room again. she was pushed back as the dark voice screamed in a demonic tone. she layed in the bath as it was quiet. she rose and sat in the tub. she looked in the mirror. a girl with the most terrifying face was standing there. in sheer terror racheal poibted to her shaking. 'SHE IN THE MIRROR. SHES IN THE MIRROR.. SGE IN THE MIRROR.' The demonic voice screamed and smashed her into the mirror. her head smashed open and blood went everywhere.

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