Friday, 3 October 2014

Little Jenny's Nudie Bar co-incidences

Information had it that while the lap dancers performed their acts, some of the city's most colourful identities were conducting a conspiracy to carry out heroin deals with, among others, the Bandido bikies.
The names included ex-detective Roger Rogerson, flamboyant Sydneysider Tom Domican, one-time Neddy Smith cohort Graham "Abo" Henry and Tony Vincent, a former associate of underworld Mr Big, the late Lennie McPherson.

BAR?  Bandidos, Angels, Rebels?  

Paul Jennings said to me I had the highest Bandido inside the premises in Kings Cross.  Now the higher the level they don't seem to wear colours.  

Co-incidence the guy who is known as the Inspector?  Con?  Is the person who watches around town?  Sammy Sweet comes to mind.

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