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Alleged Tom Domican

RCPS Report Volume 1.pdf - Police Integrity Commission

by Police Integrity Commission - ‎2007 - ‎Related articles
May 15, 1997 - murders of Lewton Shu, Sally-Anne Huckstepp and Harvey Jones, in respect of ..... In Domican v R (1992) 173 CLR 555 the High Court held that where ......C. Little, Statement in the matter of 215A Thomas Street Haymarket,  ...

Where the bones remain?  Allison Dine?  Christopher Flannery, Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, as the skulls be exposed will show the hidden matrix web.
We have history exposing the connections with Tom Domican and Bill Bayeh.  Now we had the footage of the Wood’s Royal Commission showing Bayeh as was filmed on 12 occasions preparing some 1500 caps of cocaine, valued at $90,000. 
However in history linking to Ashfield Dragon Chinese Restaurant we had the money movements which were exposed for the  alleged drug network.  Was this a pay as sell method now utilising the alleged ATM machines scattered through out the strong holds that kept the money for the drug runners.  The corner shops?  The Pubs or Hotels where I would see them enter and leave and yes when the Police caught up with them no money was found.

489 - Queensland Parliament

Jul 20, 2009 - agreed to testify against Domican, but later retracted his evidence by saying 'I was forced into ... of high-profile prostitute Sallie Ann Huckstepp.

Roger Rogerson reported 21 June 2010 “Let’s get one thing straight.  I don’t do John ibrahim’s work for him and I don’t get paid by him.”

When I went through so many missing persons and we have the links to no shots being heard Alex and I did agree the Scorpion links to the marital arts was where we were looking.  This linked to how the maritial arts were connecting in Canada.  Yet I thought that was a red herring within the system.  

In the thugs in Kings Cross Scorpion's were the mark yet it was black.  When I started the idea of the Scorpion in the sky I noticed some would put make up on the tattoo's or as the working girls later would brag about the makeup of eyeliner they used on the hands.  Yet I  knew the eyes with the sparkle were different.

Peter Schaffer talked to a guy inside the brothel in November 2011, he was older yet he bent over and Peter Schaffer told me this guy can get me anything.
This was the guy with the thick glasses, the black clothes on, he had the shaved head short short head yet not bald.  Peter and this guy spoke in front of me about the two parts of the glock guns and where they were in Sydney.  One part Chatswood, and the other part wasn't said upon this meeting I saw.

The guy took notes for Peter Schaffer walking through the premises of the brothel as Peter asked for linen, new items he wanted in the premises.  
What happened was the carpet was pulled up on two rooms and these grey tiles were laid.  The link to the tiles was Alex thought he had seen the same tiles in the Penthouse brothel in Pitt Street.

We had Cobra from Stripperama coming in with Numchuxas yet was this to see what Alex knew in the marital arts?  Who was in control down in Stripperama?

The Rise and Fall of Australian Drug Lord Robert Trimbole

Allison Dine, Terence Clark's girlfriend, gave evidence on oath that he was prepared to pay $250,000 to have Douglas and Isabel Wilson killed

With this report it showed allegedly Terence Clark was involved.

Chook Fowler collecting the money in the car?  Was this a setup of some sort to get a fine police officer off the grounds?

This gang has utilised setup's to curb the police, to expose the honest cops to catch them out yet it was to keep the drug lines working day and night?

Inspector Soames recalls  Sgt Soames said many police viewed him as an icon, but in hindsight, it was for all the wrong reasons.
“The poor unfortunate bloke has passed away now but he was looked up to because he was a good detective,” he said.
“He was getting all the right goss, so he naturally was locking up many good crooks, but we weren’t to know he was taking money from them as well.”

Graham ‘Chook’ Fowler, was the boss of detectives at Kings Cross in the 1980s and 1990s and would become the face of police corruption during the Wood Royal Commission from 1995-97.
Detective Sergeant Trevor Haken assisted the commission. Haken recorded Fowler taking a bribe on a dashboard camera which blew open the commission’s case.
Haken has been in witness protection ever since.
Surveillance video showing Graham 'Chook' Fowler, left, in a car with policeman Trevor Ha
Surveillance video showing Graham 'Chook' Fowler, left, in a car with policeman Trevor Haken accepting cash payments made by criminals. Haken turned whistleblower and had been secretly working for Royal Commission for last nine months.

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