Friday, 3 October 2014

Child's Play for an injecting room in Kings Cross

I have read how the Wood's Royal Commission put forward for the Injecting room in Kings Cross.  The only town where the injecting room exists.  Thou around the city the bins for the needles are found on the outside of buildings and in public toilets.

What I have been told the Injecting room has the equipment to take the wax coating off the tablets so they allegedly can be injected.  This is aiding and abetting the drug network.  This also put another legal tablet in Chemists and Hospital's to be a commodity on the streets of Kings Cross for the Oxyecodene etc?

We have the problems just prior to the Wood's Royal Commission to the strength of heroin on the streets as my research of asking questions many of the working girls told me the hits were double the strength so they could jump it and get a free shot.

This problem was thus man-made.  It shows this gang's love of life to their own customers where death is just a dragon's line away.

When the Injecting room is only open during the day, as I saw the working girls would go into it for supplies when the brothel's were shut.  

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