Friday, 31 October 2014

Clive Palmer Strings?

When we see people and those strings Ill expose again.

Come on Clive, if I'm right about the Holy Grail the bet is on for the Resort to be made the Aljen retreat on the Sunshine Coast?  For Cancer patients, for sick children and families who want a holiday with herbal healings ......

  1. Palmer cut $6m pre-poll cheque | Business Spectator
    15 hours ago - Clive Palmer went on a spending spree after siphoning $10 million of ... for $2.167m directly from the “Port Palmer Operations” NAB account.
    Oct 21, 2014 - SINO Iron and Korean Steel have taken mining tycoon Clive Palmer to ... of misappropriating money from a fund called Port Palmer Operations.
  3. Clive Palmer: Chinese cash for operating port was `like a ...
    Jul 8, 2014 - CLIVE Palmer says Chinese Government cash paid into a Mineralogy-controlled bank account meant for operating a port was “like a salary” .
  4. Palmer Coolum Resort
    Palmer Coolum Resort is an iconic resort like no other on the Sunshine Coast. ... Set at the base of Mount Coolum, fronting onto 2km of pristine beach, it covers ..
  5. Many people dream of a resort where the family can have a wonderful time gathering strength and playing golf around the Dinosaurs?
  6. Are you on Clive for the Bet?  Strings?  

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