Monday, 28 July 2014

Judyth Baker reporting about Dr Mary Sherman's murder UNSOLVED

Read "How I Came to Know, Love, & Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" by Judith Vary Baker It is a door into understanding so much regarding the great tragedy of America: the assassination of JFK.
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was headline news this same day, the day the Warren Commission came to get testimonies about Lee Oswald, about the Kennedy assassination. Instead of someone such as "Dr. Mary" speaking for the truth, Dean Andrews would be the first to testify. Andrews would diligently lead Commission authorities astray. As for the press, just as the Times-Picayune to this very day is geared to claim that New Orleans' Native Son, Lee Oswald, killed President Kennedy -- a man everyone said he admired -- so on this very day that newspaper chose to describe Mary's death as a stabbing with a housefire. The press failed to say that Mary was found with HER RIGHT ARM ENTIRELY MISSING. Autopsy photos in my possession prove that she was electrocuted by a massive amount of electricity.
Nobody seeing her twisted, agony-filled face, seeing her lovely dark hair hadn't even been burned, yet that her right arm had been literally vaporized away, would have called this a mere stabbing death with 'body set on fire.' Next, the press allowed rumors to flow that this woman was a lesbian. It sullied any chance that Mary would have a proper funeral in those prejudiced times. As for Dr. Alton Ochsner, who had worked side-by-side with her for over a decade -- and even taken her with him on his trips to Latin America (Dr. Mary was fluent in Spanish)-- Ochsner said absolutely nothing about his murdered friend to the press -- and made short shrift of her to her own colleagues, barely mentioning that she had died. Ochsner knew that attention HAD to be turned away from Dr. Mary, and to save his own skin, he went silent. Of course he never tried to help solve the murder, He was much too busy covering his own tracks in The Project to do that. After a mere two weeks, police announced they had no leads, even though Juan Valdez, Trade Mart employee and a known enemy of Mary, was a prime lead in the case. Why? Valdez was supposedly out for a walk hours before dawn and saw smoke coming out of her apartment. So what did Valdez do? He called the POLICE. Not the Fire Department.
Dr. Mary's horrible death was soon forgotten and became a cold case.. Thus, the brilliant cancer researcher who would bring toys to her little kids who were polio patients, upon whom she performed operations to help them walk again, the brilliant cancer researcher who the Wall Street Journal mourned on its front page when she died, the woman who tried to stop so much pain and suffering, was herself ignored, unmourned, and forgotten.
Then came Edward T. Haslam. In his original book, Ed described how puzzling and strange Dr. Mary's death was. It was Haslam who learned that Mary's arm was actually missing. It was Ed who tracked down our secret lab at David Ferrie's, and it was Ed who realized that whatever was going on was BIG--because it involved a nuclear linear particle accelerator -- cost today would be over a billion dollars-- and a contaminated polio vaccine capable of passing a cancer virus on to the majority of Americans now living today. This was HUGE -- and it had been covered up. Because of Ed Haslam's diligence, his own position as a witness, and because of my testimony as a living witness, today the truth about Dr. Mary Sherman is now available to you. Protect it. Tell others. It is the key to who did not kill Kennedy, and to the powers that arranged for Kennedy's murder and the transformation of our great United States of America into a semi-fascist nation ruled by an oligarchy of the rich and powerful, where drawing its citizens into one war after another for their own profit is now destroying a mighty and wonderful country. On this day, July 21, 2014, we celebrate, in New Orleans, the life of Dr. Mary S. Sherman, with a jazz funeral parade down the streets of New Orleans. That's how far we have come, my friends, in establishing the truth. I predict (I hope to live to see it) the day when Lee Harvey Oswald will be recognized as the hero he was, and that a similar parade in his honor will be held every October 18, celebrating who he was and what he sacrificed, trying to save the President. Because of all of you, sharing these words, the truth will be saved, will be spread across the world. And with the truth comes understanding, insight, and the power to save our country. May God bless our efforts, and you. PLEASE SHARE! (photos: "Dr. Mary" and Edward T. Haslam, recently speaking in Tampa, FL)

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