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Drug dealer protected email to authorities 15 August 2011 How the system works.

15 August 2011, the drug dealer was picking up drugs, he couldn't get caught by what I found out later and months of research because he was a registered Police Informant.  This person to my knowledge was extremely high up with associates within the Hells Angels and the guy Sewe Eastern Suburbs Chapter Sargeant of arms 

Dear Sir,
Royal Commission  what it missed in 1994, why we need another one?  Why do the drugs still run more than ever?  Shootings all over Sydney?  Tattoo Shops and Brothels need to have the outlaw gangs banned from ownerships, and associates thereof. 
The Royal Commission  in 1994 was about the police.  Yet it should’ve been what about the criminals and how the vice was being carried out without getting picked up.   The main factors if the system of drugs is still here today than there was a problem we missed the main evidence the system.
Allegedly the drugs run through a network of business companies that relate for Kings Cross to a company  Hells Angels Ltd which has companies all around the world in 27 Countries.  You can find the company on ASICS, back in 1975 The Hells Angels Ltd and *The Hells Angels Ltd was created.
Allegedly the only company left in Australia with the license for the network is *The Hells Angels Ltd trading now as TYVO Ltd.  This company allegedly was the framework for the drugs coming into Australia during that time under this banner.  Allegedly  was a network that existed that they formalized. 
The Royal Commission in 1994 missed the main factor of the brothel of the Pink Pussycat Club and the two addresses for the premises.  Why was it moved?  Why was the brothel noted in 1985-86 within the Royal Commission allegedly S. Hardas was bribing police for alleged protection against the heavies at the time.  However the heavies if they are allegedly protected what are the innocent expect to do?  There were two clubs, one at 86a Darlinghurst Road, and 38a Darlinghurst Road with a hidden brothel .  This hidden brothel has had trouble opening since Abe Saffron owned it back in 1975 allegedly they say the brothel was closed to hide a secret. 
Allegedly the Police Integrity  Commission is not working for anyone, with the same commands investigating the police officers even Detective Inspectors.  Allegedly if the problem could be Detective Inspector of Police unit than the problem allegedly could be higher.  Under  Section 141 (a) of the Police Act no further action will be taken as to regards to the matter.  Now this seems within 5 letters I have received as the standard comment.  So our system, allows the police under this act allegedly to hide the corruption.
Allegedly, I have been exposing drug runners.  I couldn’t understand why some weren’t getting caught when they were running drugs each night openly on the streets of Kings Cross.  I emailed police crimestoppers, I emailed with names and images so if the police didn’t know the name or I had a alias they still would be caught.  When it didn’t happen two weeks later I went back to the closest Police station and spoke to the Duty Sergeant at the desk.  I was told words to the effect of it says here “Do not pick up”  on the screen, it has a Detective’s name.  Allegedly then I searched a couple of police stations looking for this invisible Detective, yet months later still no sign and the drug runners are still running.

Have we got a problem in our system?  I truly believe so.  Allegedly the “Do not pickup”  I was told was on another two guys, where the police cant investigate the situation because it infers two people that have on file “Do not pickup”.          Where do we go when the legal system lets the people down. 

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