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Occult Ritual crimes link to alleged Outlaw gangs

Magic?  MagicK?  Key…..  

Chess ....Opening happens at the end.  Aleister Crowley was a good Chess Player Without any money, Crowley went to Paris where he was put up by a man named Frank Harris and his female partner at the time Nellie O’Hare. O’Hare had a friend, Pauline Pierce, a mother of two from the United States and something of a bohemian. O’Hare, Pierce, Frank Harris and Aleister Crowley all lived in the same home in Paris at precisely the same time.
During Crowley’s stay at the Harris household he was working to complete a higher degree of evil by performing rituals which would make him eligible to receive a new grade in the occult order he helped found: the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).   A:.A:.    77 Darlinghurst Road, 7 for the Crown
Babalon  for the Babylon Eyes.   SigillVM  SanctVM  is the S.S.   Sammy Sweet?
Frank Bennett Lodge 2 Order of Grand Lodge 1920 Started in Sydney Occult  no 2 Lodge linked to South Africia.  This is the link to the Ordoaa and the Ritual viii.

Rosaleen Norton known as the Witch of Kings Cross Initation comes a form of baptism when a new name is  given to the initiate.  It is usual for that person  to be  presented with a magnetised talisman and a piece of cord known as the Witches garter.  It is charged with energy to finish the task at hand.  Warts and all the Crown said, welll the talisman is in the Police photographs.

Sex Temple 10 internal sides is required for the sex temple.  The brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers the premises have 10 internal sides and match to the St Michael's ley line.

Peregrine,   Peregrine Future a link to the Hole drilled Room G to the hidden Compartment This was done by Shannon Elliffe.

Black Eyes for the Babylon Eyes......Police Report  the eyes, are the eye for the 93 within the Order hidden behind Kings Cross.

Arch Angel Michael turned…  Witch within Occult Southern Hemisphere area Sex worker Michelle  The person where they assist the Magician in the crime.
The Magician is where this person the crime evolves around and they are in the control.

Drury House is a link to the Occult ways to Overthrow a Queen   Drury House is the name of the building 34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point

Magician?  Where the crime evolves allegedly could be found by Hercules?  

PIG  relationship for the power of 93 or 39 as some say it
Porky's is the PIG on Darlinghurst Road
Many of the drug dealers who aren't Muslim still don't eat Pork?  Why?

Black Glasses Frank Harris Occult.  The start of the Ritual for the Magical Glasses  Sex worker Michelle had black glasses, Peter William Schaffer, Sonia Schaffer, Mary Miller, Roger Hegarty.  The glasses are so they put them on a pick on the innocent for the Ritual for the Scorpion, the Golden Scorpion of the secret men.

Black man   For the Curse of Ham  Sir Francis Bacon connection  Roger Hegarty

000 Ritual viii   First position for the Victim to call 000 27 July 2011 

Scorpion Ritual is bringing to life the bible for the sex smearing of a name where no sex actually happens as within the Play Scorpion 66 Aleister Crowley never had sex take place.

Adam…  Relationship for Adam and Eve

Skye for the High Priestess  Skye is a word noticed within many of the unsolved murders as a link for the patterns.  High Priestess is the position Rosaleen Norton had within the black Magic

MagicK= Blood + Semen and Vaginal  Aleister Crowley

Blue tunics….   Thelemites
One yellow feather for the link to the Holy Grail?  The Hooked X map links to the positioning of this brothel.  The key for the

White Tunic   The Monks White Tunic, Sex temple White slip?


Floral Games, July 28, 1877. A direct link to Aleister Crowley celebration

Intials JMC   Military Command, Jacques Maritain Centre at Notre Dame where Aleister Crowley has a book.  It fosters the study of the works of Philosophers.  Crowley, Aleister. The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. London: Arkana, 1979
The order the letters were marked, was the order the Crown Wagstaff put into play, MCJ, Ministery Christain Jewish.  A link to the hidden King of the drug network.

JMC a link Round the neck the knight wore a gold chain, having alter­nately between the ordinary links shields with the mono­grams M and A and J and C, and the representation of a tree, having on the right hand a man, and on the left a woman, who with one hand cover the pudenda, and touch the tree with the other; to the end of the chain the Urim and Thummim were attached.  This was a link too for the initials however all we were finding really were the co-incidents and  what we needed to find was the significant evidence of why the Police, the uniforms wouldn’t search for  Juanita.

Aleister Crowley’s Pet name was Daisy Flower Power and Magic Circles 
The daisy flower, the marigold, and the sunflower also are indicative of the sun as deity and so, traditionally, adherents of the Mystery Religions, as well as Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others, utilize these symbols.Adam Weishaupt, founder in 1776 of the Order of the Illuminari, encouraged "Flower Power" as a symbol, and it was taken up by New Age hippies in the '60s. 

Was the link for the books required within the MagicK of the initials or symbols?  Was the book the Red book that had gone missing?  I would wonder time and time again.

Hercules Strength Greek mythology aka Greek Sammy?

Drill hole Room G, Worm hole for the alleged playing homage to Jesus Christ mythology.  Remember Aleister Crowley had remembered the Bible by the age of 7.

Talisman is given.  This is in the photos’.  It’s a link to the occult work.

No DNA, the girl is a virgin for the Scorpion 66 Ritual where the girl is brought to meet the Golden Scorpion of the Gang, aka Michael J. Hand known on the Ground as Gonzo.
Condom for Semen   Aleister Crowley Blood + Semen = MagicK

Red wine   for Blood

Silver heart for the Silver Star  Order of A:.A:. initiation

Silver and Gold for the Psalm 115.4
King James Bible
Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands.

WILL and FORCE is the manipulating that is carried out for the magicK to occur

Grey is the colour for Aleister Crowley utilised.

Brown Shoes  for the link to the Shoebill Pelican for the connecting to Jesus within the magicK.  The money is linked for the Occult drug network through the shoes.

Red and White for the Shirt for the occult colours the person known as an associate of the Outlaw gang.

A house without books is a room without windows.  Room G has no windows, Room D had no windows, Room C and Room E had no windows, Room F had no windows and Room H had no windows.  Initials CDEFGH   G.D.  Golden Dawn

Drugs being asked for?  The appearing of the angel in a room without a window. Drugs could be the relationship to powder for the Black magicK that Aleister Crowley had learnt about?  Again just questions.  The test of the drug testing to be refused.

Partner…  Where a woman and a man fire against one another.   The woman real, the man spirit form however within the Aleister Crowley connection the people are two Male and Female classified to all as partners.   I’m single and keeping it like that for a while.  My spirit ghost I write through my novels is Private Francis 18th Battalion.

66 The Scorpion play relationship for the alleged order of the Golden Scorpion on the premises? 

Yellow feather relationship for Holy Graal within the Order of the O.T.O or Thelema Organisation?  King Arthur for Knights to search for the one yellow feather

Jeans for the Cuz's the alleged Outlaw gang  Levi Father of Black MagicK
July 2011 Police intelligence reports showed that Senior members of Hells Angels were in Roslyn Street Kings Cross.

3 Guilty's The Scorpion Play   Vol 6 Equinox...
Comedyof Justice…  Was this the occult’s way?

The Book of Lies  By Aleister Crowley
The Book of Law By Aleister Crowley    for the WILL and FORCE

Are these the keys that the black magicK sees?
Sex worker Michelle was wearing the black glasses 26 July 2011
Sex worker Michelle left brothel after I refused to pay extortion going to Porky’s
VICTIM came into the brothel 26 July 2011  Said had been working at Porky’s
Like many of the people that came to the brothel they would mention Porky’s.
VICTIM was reported missing on the 27 July 2011 6.30pm
Image is taken on the 28 July 2011
VICTIM had a silver necklace shiny like new,
Jumper, Tiara
Note there are no large earrings. 
Grey Jacket?  Payment?
Red Shoes?
Clothes on the 26 July and clothes on the 28 July
Black Jacket with Fur trim….
Now  VICTIM had two jackets?  Black with grey trim and a Grey one which was extremely high quality similar style to .
29.7.2011 11.06pm VICTIM had a phone on facebook with a new number

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