Friday, 27 September 2013

History Repeats The infamous PINK PUSSYCAT

The infamous Pink Pussycat Club was the spirits rejoining?  

Bruetler was unknown in 1920.  He was the hidden person.  The image of the Mugshot was just not noticed by many except The Kings  Cross Sting.  Some say spirits  come back to gain control of something they lost or was it they were treated unjustly and this needs to be addressed when the spirits of 1920 and 30's are gathering for the Point in time for the Justification.  They know the spirits of who or where we come and go from trapped within our bodies yet with each reborn we are sent back out on the  mission to expose the hidden problems.

This will be a legendary story, like many of the spirits I write about they come back.  Like Juanita  Nielsen said she went abroad and she came back to Kings Cross.  Nellie Cameron died 1954, Frank Green died 1955 two spirits that had an undying love for one another.  

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