Saturday, 14 September 2013

Police no further investigation 2011, stopped the biggest drug bust in history to occur?

The Kings Cross Sting exposed the system 
2011, Now 2013 we are just cracking
the Police to further investigate.
2011 I knew there was something hidden within the brothel,  We were not selling or doing drugs and the drug network I couldn't stop.
I just had to find  it?  Why would so many people one after another threaten my life?
The police seemed to not listen to any of the evidence allowing 141A of the Police Act no further investigation.
What is hidden behind the cream patch in Room F that Essam Gerges said he would send the boys to collect.
Our Private Investigation started in 2009 where two people decided that they were wanting to find out if Police corruption and
the drug network could be exposed..
How the drug raids happen in Kings Cross?  What on the ground tipoff's happen to warn people?
How the same drug sellers are on the ground year after year some allegedly 40 years?
Working out if the police were given the information whether the police would ACT?
The faces of the drug runners, than the feeders of them?
The Private Investigation The Kings Cross Sting has been working on the business network that existed in history
and still exists today?
Read and be amazed at what you can find out undercover.....
The Kings Cross Sting Newspaper Undercover in Kings Cross the Wild Madame X investigation
Madame Tilly Devine, Kate Leigh were the Queens then what happened?
With Donald Mackay allegedly it was a contract killing. Juanita Nielsen allegedly a contract killer.
The 4th Compartment of the Moloch for allegedly Abe Saffron will hold the Holy Grail.

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