Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kings Cross Hotel

Kings Cross Hotel is a hidden gem.  Just having a drink along the Darlinghurst Strip tonight.  Catching up with the Private Investigation tonight.  It's quite safe for people to go to Kings Cross it's like entering the world of it's own.  This was Living, however This is Living for so many people today.

That is exactly what Abe Saffron thought was in the drawing of the Nightclub Strip you will see the clubs and names the similarity to many within Florida.  It's just names however the system goes further.

I will just walk the strip tonight, I have my holy jeans for the cuz's on.  That's right don't stand out.  When you stand out they know your not a local.  The drug network is normally hidden within many of the buildings along the strip.

A few of the new people will do a drug deal however it is normally moved through the working girls.  You will see a Drug dealer will have a few working girls as the dollars come and the risk is less.  The Kings Cross Hotel is at the gateway, opposite the Coke sign it's just half a mile down to the fountain yet the money pours out through the mile day and night.

Just cross Victoria Street and walk down having a coffee at the first table on the street will put the lights camera and action for the next couple of hours.

I will note that many of the drug runners I have followed are in jail.  They are awaiting court.  So we will just see if we see any drug transactions tonight.  It could be just a few people like Ruby that was working and moving the rocks down the back alley way.  It's just a couple of packets yet its hidden and not on the main strip.  That's were the money is for the drug dealers where the working girls can see the drugs rather than sex.

A working girl standing at the doorways will be asked not just for sex tonight, they will be asked for the drugs more.  That's right the working girls will sell so much rock tonight, wednesday night and New Years eve for the Jewish community.  I am working on the connection that the drug network will be exploding tonight.

Juanita Nielsen was allegedly murdered on Jewish Independence day.  This related to many other dates that linked with the Jewish community.  Kings Cross Hotels were once all controlled by allegedly Abe Saffron.

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