Friday, 27 September 2013

Interviewing Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam

When you are terrified you talk, well I do.  I ask questions hoping that  I could break down the barrier.

Sammy Sweet what  I over heard were phone calls it sounded like they were telling him what was happening in the Police Station.   I asked, your so big they tell you?

Feeding the ego I was. The Kings Cross Sting started the interview.  The big noting themselves is what this gang does  It's the movement behind the scenes that I was trying to uncover what did this guy know as he told me he was in charge if you think you will run down to the Police or tell on me you will be shot.

I hope that someone reading this will think why? What's the police doing?  Like me I couldn't even work out how this person had so much control when the various drug runners brought their phones and bags back to him.  It was it for the night on the run.

Sammy Sweet wears a baseball cap most days, well dressed is moving down William Street, Crown or around the Kellett Street staying out of harms way as his alleged  network is working 24/7?

As he told me, don't touch down their with your books and research as he pointed to the head joint on the Strip, my mates will not stand for this.

Who is your mate?

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