Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Snitch....How it works?

Criminal activity that the Police just need a name to find the person.  However if the police never interview you or do they think that by non investigating many of the crimes we see on the television current affairs today that this is solving the problems in our society?

Within the Underworld that we have been exploring and reporting within The Kings Cross Sting, the position many of the drug dealers take is being a registered Police Informant.  By this information they are giving to the Police stops them normally being convicted of a crime.  It allows these people that we have followed with the drug network distribution to deal drugs.

These people know that any evidence given to the police will be dismissed as the information they are snitching on for their own men within their own gang even is the Rat Vs Rat or Mouse eat Mouse game they play.  They are all moving for the bigger slice of the pie for the drug area they cover.

Without the Rituals moving around the gang, the positions stay the same.  They partake in alleged setup's for the occult gang, this criminal gang to deal the drugs and to be respected within the gang.  Piece by piece a gang works to destroy people however to destroy the gang is harder as it is the cash society that works that this gang is moving the drugs even utilising the drugs and don't come onto the radar for the police say in Kings Cross and they are reporting to the Police Handler in Parramatta for example.

It took a lot of information on this person to get caught, he was a Mouse in the system.  Snitching, setups, drug dealing, standover tactics, we were collecting the evidence except this Mouse knew a lot about the gun trade.  Protected he would tell people in Kings Cross.

It was a new saying to me, a saying that I have come to hate as with this type of protection allowed the people to work further and further within the terrorising of people as a game they were playing for the Ritual to move up within the gang.

Mouse thought he was a God walking on earth with his tracky daks as I described him.  It was not that people couldn't see him, he was loud, noisy, and stood out.  So why is this level of protection given to the criminal world where they have done major time in jail allowed this privledge.  It gives the police information about the drug network.  However it is a system where these people within the gang are manipulating the information so that the Police only see half of the Story.  The drug runs coming into Australia will be three or more containers arriving at once.  One of those containers will be itemised out by the gang to report to the police.  These protected people are one after another around Kings Cross where the large amount of drugs are moving daily.

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