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Brothel Kings Cross For Lease

Timeline for the Brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers and will need to be read with the excel sheet with the extortion and intimidation with the lead up to the setup against Jennifer Weatherstone and the motive allegedly for the brothel to be closed.

John Ibrahim…..King of the Cross
1958 Pink Pussycat Club was started by Abe Saffron who arrived back in Australia in 1948
1958 The image I have attached about the Pink Pussycat Club you will look at the stairs and the reception desk as to the cutout of the wall and the area of the door at the rear of this area of the reception that is allegedly the same as within the brothel of World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.
This does mean something  within the network and a position that Abe Saffron, Louie Bayeh, Bill Bayeh now John Ibrahim hold. 
Somehow holding the half ownership which I believe was Bruce  Galea’s share at the time held something within the company and the control of Kings Cross.
Abe Saffron
Abe Saffron  controlled Kings Cross by himself, all would believe however when it has gone from his power it has gone to two brothers Bayeh, Ibrahim.
Bill Bayeh
It is interesting that Louie Bayeh was King first, the alleged brains of the operation taking a back seat.  Remember Louie was in charge of the security from Love Machine to Pink Pussycat Club.  Now if you relate the Pink Pussycat Club to 38A  Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross it was the Golden Mile that Louie Controlled at one time.
1970’s  Pink Pussycat Club at 38a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross or was this the secret club like many of the older working girls would say, you would have politicians up there.  By Ann Bailey the grandmother on Darlinghurst Road one night when she was telling me about the history of the place World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers.
1972 Victoria Street Development started
1973 Nugan Hand Bank which was established.  Allegedly the bank that was utilised for the cleaning of funds for the developments within the structure of Hells Angels Ltd.  Victoria Street Development allegedly will be part of these developments in Sydney.
1974  Bruce Galea’s first wife shot murdered in Hollywood.
1975  Brothel was shut…..allegedly 1975 Juanita Nielsen was hidden in the brothel, placed in sand.
The floor level of the brothel was hidden from the street and the only entrance was the fire exit. 
5th Step is the level of the concrete floor of the brothel, and the step nearly all of the working girls talked about as the step that protects.
During the period leading up to 1975, after the war even before the end of the war in Vietnam The Hells Angels Ltd from California were nurturing the idea of a network allegedly for the drug market going around the world.
1975   August   Sydney became a Chapter of Hells Angels and started *The Hells Angels Ltd 
1975 August Melbourne became a Chapter of Hells Angels and started The Hells Angels Ltd
This is why the * as you cannot register two companies the same name.
The Hells Angels Ltd when allegedly it is started now as it is listed around the world is the side of the Company of The Hells Angels Ltd that allegedly deal drugs.  Parts of Hells Angels that refers to the motorcycles you will see will have Motorcycles within the name of the company showing a division within the name of The Hells Angels Ltd and the two types of identities.
The Hells Angels Ltd in Sydney and Melbourne allegedly were the club owners utilising in the industry of VICE, all the Kings Cross were involved with some of Chinatown through the Sydney company and Chequers Club meetings as documented in history.
My understanding of how the system was established, I believe that Abe Saffron had a right hand man allegedly that person I believe is Perc Galea.  Why?  Because of the fact that Bill Bayeh, and now John Ibrahim hold half the identity of the company behind the old Club 77 and Porky’s as mentioned and documented through newspapers.
Allegedly within the constitution there should be a part where the two people were Abe Saffron and Perc Galea, this would then bring about how the  Bruce Galea share of Club 77 has been utilised through the alleged company *The Hells Angels Ltd.

1977 July 15 Donald Mackay  allegedly murdered because of the Griffith supplying of drugs to Sydney and Melbourne
1977 August 4 Howard Twyrell Murdered horse trainer from Dubbo due to the impact on the horse racing and cleaning of funds and making money through the industry to help fund the Victoria Street Development.
1978 Bruce Galea and Frank Amante on the death of Perc Galea had the Club 77 in Kings Cross
1984 Fine Cotton Horse fixing documented in history
1985-1986  Madame Butterfly Brothel 36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross
was extorted and never opened by documented within the Royal Commission

No one can remember this brothel open  in the 80’s at all.

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