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Donald Mackay Case and Jennifer Weatherstone have in common

Donald Mackay case…..
Jennifer Weatherstone case……
I have a barrister John Peluso, he told me that the Royal Commission was called thru his client.
Looking back at history, for Donald Mackay case did John Peluso represent on or work on James Frederick Bazley case.  So did James Bazley come from Sydney?  Then it could have links to Kings Cross.  These links allegedly will bring you for the protection of the alleged drug money and dealing, even growing.
I have met, John Peluso and actually respect him,  the law is how people perceive, is what they believe.
I was told about John Peluso through the guy that actually checked Courtney’s Id I believe and was the same man that the Inspector on that day from Surry Hills allowed out of the brothel first.  I would have been amazed if he didn’t have a large amount of drugs on him.  The man known as Sammy Sweet, or Greek Sam I don’t know his real name.  This man, known to me Sammy Sweet or Greek Sam did tell me he met with John Ibrahim and Frank Amante on Christmas day for Lunch.
This guy known to me as Sammy Sweet or Greek Sam had continued the pushing on me for extortion and terrorising under the format of child’s play which seems the police find it hard to have this charged as child’s play can be hell what I have lived through.
Even I believe for the Donald Mackay family,   freedom of speech is so important.  When you realise some of the links I have found and read have been put up by Journalists and private citzen’s all concerned over a matter of great importance.
Many missing persons will never found if it wasn’t for these links on the internet.  The internet makes it easier to research, however the law looks at the matter at hand before the court not all the courtcases that have gone before or after the said matter.  It is just the research that may or could link the alleged evidence.
John Peluso during my having him as my barrister made out he had gone and seen some one of great importance within the Kings Cross area.  He made out there was a plate of cocaine to me.  He questioned me heavily as to whether I took drugs or what I thought about drugs.  This may have been his questioning to me.
Hallucinating drugs, mind altering drugs, really if you think about it, nicotine and alcohol both are mind altering drugs and are legal.  My opinion, when the drug or sugar for that matter is in control through the receptors within the brain, acting on the same part of the brain as our reward pathways.
I would like you to google my name and my address within the police system back some time ago in around 1998 to 2007 era where I had problems with a driveway my neighbours son is a barrister Mr Raymond Hood of the NSW Bar association, the level of child’s play that happened to our family during this period of 13 various court cases as to a property deed to have corrected.  Where I was terrorised, by people showing me from bottoms, to having my car picked up and shaken in my drive, to having people driving at me, even to Mr Hood on Christmas eve 2004 an incident where I was taken.  This is so dangerous Child’s Play.  Think of the letter D, the straight part is the law, and the curve is the legal part till you bend it until it breaks.   The association, well Peter William Schaffer said to me, an alleged member with links to Hells Angels, “we are bigger than the police force”.  So where does the links finish or the association.
Mr Peter Schaffer, with his image and Robert Trimbole, there is some resemblance.

Inspector of Surry Hills, yesterday Friday the 13th, PIC file opened, well if you look at me and the police able to have evidence not be taken on face value and looked at, I may have been 12 or 14 at the time, yet I am before the court through the child’s play where this Honourable Society as Justice Wood’s called it allegedly terrorizes life for Sparkling Chandeliers, even Donald Mackay, even Juanita Nielsen to hide the drug industry that is alive and well in Kings Cross today, the one thing I was trying was to stop the drugs coming into the brothel.  Yet this doesn’t help the mob that may have bodies hidden or to hide the account and companies where *The Hells Angels Ltd has a hold.

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