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81 Rituals... Scorpion Rituals The Kings Cross Sting

The Kings Cross Sting exclusive:
Kings Cross and the whole of Sydney has been underseige.  Bullets are flying, cars  escaping and the police wagon was found on fire.
2006 Kings Cross changed Abe Saffron had died.  Bill Bayeh in goal, drugs running wild still.  The Kings Cross evolved. 
Bill Bayeh allegedly ruled the drugs as they said at the Royal Commission, moving $2.5 million in one six month period was reported. Bill Bayeh had Porkies then, yet today it has Frank Amante at the helm and another owner hidden as the Kings Cross whispers have it is John Ibrahim the apprentice, the driver.  Just like Kate Leigh it was the chauffeur that took the reigns learning about how to hide the drugs in the system.
The apprentice now became the teacher for a while. The teacher’s apprentice well you would say now it is the security guard that is John Ibrahim’s right hand man, as they say you can pick up the gear at Sam’s place.
In July 2011 Bill Bayeh came out of goal.  The meeting between teachers, the regaining of the business he had before he went to goal failed.
In March 2012 Frank Amante gave Sydney Morning Herald meeting as King of the Cross?
We have the teams in one corner the OLD SCHOOL Hells Angels Bill Bayeh transferring when he went to goal maybe to the eldest brother, Sam Ibrahim a company *The Hells Angels Ltd, started when Sam was young and just after Juanita Nielsen’s disappearance.  Frank Amante with Porky’s Bill Bayeh’s love.  As he had Porkies his brother Louie had Love Machine holding the pinnacle of Kings Cross in Prostitution.
Then we have the teams that took over the Bayer Brothers, the YOUNG SCHOOL John Ibrahim and Sam Ibrahim with there Father figure Frank Amante for the position he may have in the company?
 A football game and everyone really playing the same game and scoring for the same team.
Hells Angels Nomads on the links below in many countries are the same team.  Is Australia behind? Or are they playing Child’s play with the Government of the day.
Bandidos 81
Nomads    Route 81
Hells Angels   Route 81.
In 1975 a female reporter Juanita Nielsen disappeared within a month of Hells Angels Ltd being started officially started in Kings Cross.  If you look at the link for the registration of *The Hells Angels Ltd could it be below, with an address of a Nomad who was affected by Hells Angels gunfire April 2012?  Child’s play they say?  Frank Amante said about his son on charges for shooting over a house.
Who did own this company *The Hells Angels Ltd in the start that would be interesting fact, when this name is linked to the underground crime all around the world.  Bella Vista?  Who lives there…. Sam Ibrahim’s house shootings at Bella Vista.
So why the shootings, the fighting between Hells Angels and Nomads in Sydney.
Nomads have been the arm that have moved the drugs through Kings Cross, Sydney area and throughout Australia.  Under the arm of Notorious Scorpion an elite group of drug runners all having spent time within goal as Sam Ibrahim devised this when he spent some time within Parramatta goal.
 5 October 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Notorious is believed to be involved in a dispute with other outlaw motorcycle groups for control of the drug trade in Kings Cross and Oxford Street.
Notorious was moving the drugs within the Kings Cross area, from the Haymarket, Oxford Street

This is a current Club Hells Angels Nomads

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