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Drug timetable as given to Police in August 2011 The Kings Cross Sting was exposing

Police told me 15 August 2011 that Essam Gerges couldn't pick up, so I went out and collected the information for the police of the main drug supply lines in to Sydney.  
The main runs are still happening today.

Alleged main drug network associates Hells Angels links

Drug timetable
Asian crew   $5million turnover in last year estimate.
This is the Broadway to Chinatown run.  I believe that Wendy Woo or Wendy Vu could be the run owner.
There are two guys and two ladies they start at 8am and finish at 5pm
The Starting point is Broadway 8am….They have in the morning packed with them about 20 caps of 50 and 20 caps of 100.
They sell on a few corners.  8am -5pm 7 days a week 365 days a year.  This run has been happening about twelve months.
The dealers if they have a car park on City Road Carpark.
Myrtle and Shepherd Street, Rose and Shepherd Street, sometimes on City Road.  On the street not in the hotels or in the Uni park.
They cross the road travel to the corner of Wattle opposite the Shell garage.  They hang there for an hour not as long.  It must be timed as both these areas are done by the same person on the one day.  It is also the same mobile number for the pick ups over the 4 people.  The roster on for these people is not constant. 
Where it is on Wattle street the drug runner walks up Wattle Street the wrong way making sure that the police won’t follow them or a car watching as Wattle Street is a one way the opposite way to fish markets.
When they run out they restock in China town.  However we haven’t worked out where.  We think there is a link to the Wong family and the Golden Century Chain.
Then there afternoon run seems to be Pickups from Sussex Street and Goulbourn.  Bathurst and  Kent Street.  Various Corners same person that starts at 8am finishes at 5pm.

This guy is not connected with the drug run however it all seemed asian inspired.  The supplier behind both these fronts I believe are the same.  As Wendy Vu supplies the guys that feed Kings Cross.
See Wendy was giving free Ice by the 8 ball to Larissa Goodman when she was in the brothel with me.  To keep playing up.
Karyn Englehardt has set herself up trading Ice in Portland Street at the back of the units where she is living.  Karyn has the map on her facebook, she puts up locations where she is sometimes on her facebook when she moves around.  She has her Tranny friend selling ice up near Tranny Stairs Dannielle who is living with Karyn at the moment.

HOME UNIT………estimate drug dealing $5-10 million last 12 months
This guy sells heroin $50 caps and $100 caps  Asian on the computer and is in the unit block diagonally opposite the pub in Wellington Street Waterloo/Redfern.

This guy speaks not much or very little English, he seems blaza about the drugs.  It is a housing commission unit by the looks of it.  Top floor unit, he operates 8am to 5pm George and Wellington.  Unit number ?9 Definitely top floor on this corner.  He has been trading for about a year.  Sell caps all day has a fair amount of traffic.  It is dealing drugs like its Christmas, no hiding in the open on the coffee table.

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