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March 2012, Federal Police suggested that hidden compartment should be searched.

The History of the search for Juanita Nielsen

Dear Sir/Madam,
March 2012, Federal Police suggested that the brothel should be searched.  All other attempts through the police have taken 141(a)
of the police act no further investigation. Over 15 reports to PIC, no further investigation, that’s why I continued the connections seemed too much of patterns,systems and coincident.  Shootings all over Sydney is a huge problem, I allege that my ideas will
destroy the business model of Hells Angels or impede immensely.
I have been submitting for a while, the point that Mr Geoff Provest MP said report to Kings Cross Police Station.
In a way, what happened when I entered Kings Cross Police Station on the 7 March 2012, where Paul Jenkins followed
me into the Police Station to wonder what I was reporting.  It was a cheque for $135k that Essam Nicola Gerges had signed
over to him I  dropped off to police.  Police Detective asked me to attend Kings Cross.  This was put into police as why the
police laughed  at the situation from behind the bench?  This same person Essam  Gerges had been asking me for money
for some time, well asking was with anger, by intimidation of being dragged to Sewe of Eastern Suburbs Chapter of Hells Angels.
He had also utilised many others to do so on I will allege on his behalf, Chop Peter  William Schaffer, even to threatening to
kill both of us, Axel, my husband  who they had never met and myself.
I have attended on the 7 December 2011 upon Police contacting my solicitor Kings Cross Police Station where they should’ve
contacted me directly as I have only reported what I had seen to Police email where Detective Inspector Ian McDonald opened
Juanita Nielsen case and allegedly by his reply claimed under 141(a) of the Police  Act no further investigation.
An alleged murder from 4 July 1975, where the police have had only limited success. What if the Wild Madame X unraveled the
history of the Pink  Pussycat Club and found not just the bodies, the system, the alleged drug network that  exists today from
the same company agreement that Juanita Nielsen was working on back in 1975 when she went missing.
Why didn’t the Royal Commission expose the company behind the position of Kings of the Cross?
How much alleged money as these thugs said were going to the police?  Was it true?
Allegedly Essam Gerges, Peter Schaffer, Diedre Palmerstone aka Sex Worker Michelle you pay the police Jenny,
it’s the way in Kings  Cross?
3 months to have a AVO laid  on Roger Hegarty when you would see him come and go into the police station.
He was on bail at the time, however the police seemed to treat Roger Hegarty like a friend or an ex copper as this was his front.
Roger Hegarty, alleged a drug dealer of Ice and GHB, what the public don’t know about is the drug ice is only being brought into
Kings Cross by associates of Hells Angels.
We both have alleged, Axel and myself that our kettle was spiked.  We didn’t know, the working girls were spiking our coffee.
Water from the level above the brothel poured through the floor, all to close the brothel.
We have to ask the question why?
When Axel hadn't replied to me in 3 days.  Axel was out cold when I found him in the brothel, he didn't even notice
that he had slept that long for someone that only cat naps it was horrible for me to have to go to town and into the
brothel to find out that Peter Schaffer had stood over Axel and we had to get out.  Peter William Schaffer explained
with finger motions of blowing our heads off with a gun. A gun later he talked about that parts were in Chatswood in
a locker warehouse and down near me which I now allege was the reference to Sylvania Post office.  The information
was fed through to the police. Detective inspector Ian McDonald said on the 7 December 2011 that it was civil action
however standover tactics I allege is criminal.  However at the same meeting as opening the Juanita Nielsen case,
Detective Inspector Ian McDonald told me that he liked the drugs, it gave him a job.  I reported to PIC, and further
Superintendent Susan Waites declared 141(a) no further investigation.  Juanita Nielsen case reopened in 2011 with
information I named three persons of interest, allegedly Bill Bayeh, Frank Amante and Essam Nicola Gerges, this same
Essam that painted the cream square on the wall in Room F of the brothel in the area of the subfloor /void area.
I have asked John  Ibrahim to push the police to search the brothel for the bodies in the cavity that was created by the
concrete floor and the timber floor the 5 steps that seemed to be the hint that many of the working girls talked to me about.
I have found the crimestoppers Police reporting too hard to utilise with the information I have been able to give to the police
through researching and writing The Kings Cross Sting.  With reference to the letter from Mr Geoff Provest MP that an email
address could be setup off the police website.  I believe what I was giving to the police was some intelligence, and I have  received
letters from AFP Minister  to suggest this.  The main drug dealers of ice into Kings Cross allegedly Sammy Sweet,
Peter Schaffer, Essam Gerges, Karyn Englehardt, Diedre Palmerston, Roger Hegarty.
I was interested that Detective Inspector Ian McDonald thought drugs were good, I have had other interactions with police that
Essam Gerges had on file do not pick up for buying  8 balls down at the back of Town Hall however this was co-inciding with
what Peter William Schaffer said that we can’t be touched by the police.  I then further went out and found the two drug timetables
of Broadway and Redfern, then I have watched.  How long till it goes down?  5 months  October 20, 2012 reported again, and in
between still November 2012 drug run in the area with over the 5 months two mobile numbers to my knowledge.
Shootings all over Sydney.  Chop and Essam was a problem to me but he bragged about the life as living a drug dealer and
how by his blabbing was how much of the evidence was collected.  The books a novel, however the real evidence I sent to the
Police where I have had Inspector at Surry Hills explain that I needed to have a letter for sanity before he would take evidence off me.
Yet my evidence I will alleged hasn't been taken seriously when drug runners are continually dealing without consequences it seems,
and the brothel hasn’t been searched.  It does pose the question with all the threats towards us, when we don’t do drugs well
what else could it be?  You don’t have to find bones when you’re in the brothel and the thugs keep coming in hassling you, why ?
Why is the floor raised timber section over a concrete floor on the second hallway?
I don't do drugs, however it intrigued me in the beginning how open and ruthless these drug runners are.  Roger Allen Stewart/Hegarty
known on the street as Black Roger well he is back in Kings Cross after spending a couple of months even going out to Granville way
where I saw him near a Pub on the Parramatta Side of railway line information was given to authorities.
Sex worker Elle, well allegedly Room 11? Astoria Hotel has been allegedly used over the last 5 years as a safe house, a room where
many within the Astoria Hotel are allegedly supplied drugs to onsell.  You only have to look at the foot traffic going in to the Hotel of a night.
Sex worker Elle moves around the Brothels, allegedly from Porkies, to Tiffany's, The Penthouse, LaConfidential the other day.
Where a brothel changes over she seems to be the first working girl through the premises
Axel said to me today, when are the police going to search the brothel for allegedly Juanita Nielsen or what ever that Essam Gerges
wants to hide in Room F which on the back wall has a area where there is a void where the plumbing for the ladies toilets and the area
was formed from the laying of the concrete floor over the original timber floor raising the whole area by 5 steps and more in the second
hallway near the laundry when it was a bank underneath the brothel Sparkling Chandeliers.
The shootings all over Sydney, during the time that I tried to talk Chop out of the brothel as he had just threatened to kill us so make
him a friend or give him a hard time?  I rang him, I utilised conversational hypnosis on him where in fits of rage he would tell me things
that I believe are the truth, this information over the period of time has been given to the police.  A major point he told me that allegedly
Felix Lyle was the International President of Hells Angels  he is the big boss.  Interesting that Felix Lyle was seen with John Ibrahim
having meetings with Bill Bayeh at the Cosmopolitan at Double Bay.  I will further allege that Bill Bayeh by the Royal Commission was
one of the heavies giving the previous brothel owner of the same brothel Madame Butterfly than a hard time in 1985-6.
Both Axel and myself have been heavily extorted we couldn't work out why?  History in my opinion normally holds some keys to the secret.
Both of us thought the brothel would be perfect for a museum however we were still working on the business model before we could get it right.
It was the other influences that were affecting the brothel, the working girls would be allegedly running drugs and it was hard to stop.
We were asking working girls to leave .  Karyn Englehardt was for one, where she was allegedly moving ounces through alleged bikies
from other chapters coming to Sydney to get allegedly drug Ice and G.  Then by watching where the working girls went to after they
left we started to see patterns and systems that maybe an outsider may not see.  Again the information at each step has been given
to the authorities.  As some of the information would be enough to show legislation needed to be changed within the brothel
industries as to the alleged ice that has been moving through this web of brothels and senior working girls allegedly associates
of Hells Angels, MBM Brothers, Banditos.  Where the working girls would run back to…was to allegedly Porky’s then we started
to see patterns.
Always walking with someone to move drugs the guys will have a heap stored, in the Mrs, carries as I was told by them in her vagina.
A place where the police won’t search, the people have to go to hospital for these searches. The police allow these people to go to the toilet and wow, drugs gone.  It’s the system.
The investigation of Juanita Nielsen, lead us to the company allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd now trading as TYVO Ltd....I will allegethe letters mean Take Your Vice Over.
It's the mindset of this lot, the humour and when you start to see the patterns within the humour
then you pick out more connections.
The business model, of allegedly deregistering The Hells Angels Ltd is the company allegedly brought about by Abe Saffron for
the business agreement with Hells Angels in the USA in 1975 the alleged drug network.  The company The Hells Angels Ltd with
different mentions of branches, or countries is around the world in 27 countries.  See the company structure is the agreement
allegedly about the drugs and extortion of scams like the Nigeria Scam where information was sent into the police and further
updated as we came to know about.  Top intelligence reports, however these people are still scamming, allegedly utilising facebook.
These people that by their sheer numbers can allegedly manipulate the system.
The King of the  Cross allegedly keeps the links to Hells Angels a secret to stop any association, Abe Saffron, Louie and Bill Bayeh,
John Ibrahim where the companies changed over to him around the end of the Royal Commission.  However I believe he would have
known when he took the stand in the Royal Commission what was going to happen as the companies by Asics listing showed paperwork
went through around the 10/10/1995 at the end of the interviewing of the Royal Commission.  By moving the company to
allegedly John Ibrahim gave it a clean face.  Allegedly with his brother Sam, as it is two brothers where it  passed from allegedly
Abe Saffron and Perc Galea.  By having brothers it is a trust system.
The alleged arms reach from the drugs, by having people organise drops in USA through Nigeria to Australia starts to get too
hard however, it's allegedly the Nigeria Scam I will allege has been the master mind of a Bob Bauer LLC in Spring Hill a lawyer/accountant utilising facebook. Real facebook for Bob Bauer Than others did it, we notified the police at each stage.  However if the scams
are sending the heroin and the money through Western Union with the same questions of colour and answer Blue than we have a system.
By the agreement members around the world work towards the main drug network without believing if they dont touch the money or the
drugs than they cant get caught well this is what Bob Bauer thinks, same with .
I have spoken to Strike Force Raptor Detective Jayson Jorgdens however he had to go see his boss.  This is where the information goes and allegedly nothing is happened.
Allegedly if Juanita Nielsen is in the sub floor/void area in the brothel exactly behind where Essam Nicola Gerges painted, the ramifications
of DNA will allegedly catch many of the guys that threatened to kill us too.  The finding of the bodies in the brothel when you look at history
of the gang a Gentlemen’s Club always had a private brothel near by however this brothel Sparkling Chandeliers where the trophies,
allegedly the bodies were the trophies of these people to keep the drug industry growing and without getting caught.
By Mr Geoff Provest MP letter refP MIN12/003102-02 I did put in about the non police investigating and the mentioning of the police
act 141 (a) where no further investigation. PIC Detective Inspector Mark Howard said that it was a Judge to decide to go into search
the brothel allegedly in this void area on the second hallway.  We need an answer on this further investigations.  See the threats for
death kept coming at us from nearly the beginning.  Being told to behave from this alleged drug dealers that utilise brawn to intimidate
all of us, some utilised brains however all called it protection money, rent, extortion, and working in the brothel with keeping the money
or giving it to the alleged main drug dealer that I could not get rid of.  The threats of death and or violence to me seemed very real.
The PIC report for Police non investigating after Deputy Commissioner Burnes advised to submit to PIC again, the reply
was 141(a) no further investigation.
The system, if the police don’t ask for a search warrant there is no one else that can have a search warrant, for the alleged bodies
of Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay, and the Beaumont Children.  As the Detective Mark Carter said,
The Magistrate knows about the alleged evidence, the plans, the descriptions.  The relevance to today is  these alleged murder’s
are free to roam our streets, to allegedly shoot other people even 2 Molotov Cocktails with wicks of red and white on the
23 December at 2.52am at my car. Why?  If I was just writing a novel these alleged criminals wouldn’t be worried.
Look at the area, where Sparkling Chandeliers is, within a short time from the Mexican restaurant and around into Roslyn Street
every business on the ground level had left and the premises have come up for lease. Why?  Were this gang allegedly horrific
attacks all centred at the brothel to hide a secret?
Axel, over the time has talked to me about the guys think it's so clever make you like going crazy one floor up and bodies hidden?
However they talked, even to many wondering is it true?  CIA, Houghton allegedly was the guy with the idea, well within the group
at the time he had the knowledge and allegedly the idea of where a body could be kept.
Psychotic behaviour allegedly Abe Saffron had these tendancies, well someone did that liked to keep trophies of allegedly
dead bodies in this void area.  Well the brothel over the time has only been able to work when Bill Bayeh was in gaol.
When he left gaol, 29 June 2011, the threats and pressure on the brothel continued and escalated dramatically even
having Scott Orrock turn up after the drug raid by the police and amazed that I was open again.
22 December 2012, King Street Newtown 10.30pm tattoo shop was packed with people.  Standing room only.
Shootings all over Sydney, is the alleged fight over the Kings Cross Strip.  Allegedly John Ibrahim should have rolled the
company The Hells Angels Ltd back to Bill Bayeh when he came out of gaol and I will allege still hasn't.  Comancheros know this,
well half of Sydney seem to know this when your in the gangs.
Hells Angels, everywhere else allegedly in the world has the Nomads attached within the company logo of the bikie club.
Within Australia, the separation of the Nomads was allegedly a game to cause a difference for Kings Cross and to keep the
company behind Kings Cross allegedly The Hells Angels Ltd, the company that I will allege was under formation
when Juanita Nielsen went missing on the 4 July 1975.  Remember Juanita had not been able to stop the development
so she was looking where the money was coming from allegedly the drug network to pay for the building.  Yes history however the
shootings are real today. The nomads logo, see the skull, hat, wings even the same colour as
Hells Angels even to the point allegedly the image could be a joke just to hide the alleged criminal behaviour, however this is
allegedly the psychatic tendancies that these guys game plays.  Abe Saffron and the company Marshins Trust, remember he
was told to have 60 companies however most were not registered, Victoria Point Pty Ltd as mentioned in Barry Ward blog,
even the company associated with the Carousel Club I couldn’t see registered.
So why the shootings?  The old school gang, I will allege Bill Bayeh wants the company back it's worth a lot of money if it
holds the key to the alleged drug network The Hells Angels Ltd.  The other is a share in part of Club 77 Darlinghurst Road
as what Quentin Vertigan and this other guy called Tony - Naden's Uncle told me, allegedly Eabona Pty Ltd.  Essam was
part of this, as he went for meetings to Double Bay, just like Quentin vertigan where these meetings continued for many months
till he was given the okay for the Parramatta brothel, he was just being a wild card to hold the brothel Sparkling chandeliers
allegedly so the brothel had to close.  Remember we couldn't open with out having threats for  money, death, being intimidated
by the MBM's.  Even they would rip the money off Essam saying Jenny it’s your fault if you can’t touch the money.  Well the
working girls gave to him in February 2012 till March 2012 Axel and I were working on a solutions.
I alleged that the companies were changed over to John Ibrahim for a period of time until Bill Bayeh came out of goal however
2006 and probably many times the shootings have been over the alleged control.  Living and working on Darlinghurst Road,
my impressions now Hells Angels Disneyland where the clubs interrelated, the working girls go from one  to another all wanting
cash and not wanting any paperwork to attach.  Even to continually throwing out the paperwork I had  done to me over  the time.
I do believe the information I have given to the police is  the utmost importance because the shootings are happening.
We have to ask the question why?
Then the drug runs' I put in that have been noticed, still operating for most of them.  It's disgusting when a drug user brags the
run can't come down it's protected.  June 2012 I first put in the drug run where many from the brothel went.  November it was still
operating, every day, the mobile number has changed twice in 5 months.
Greek Sammy/Sammy Sweet worked with the alleged security along Darlinghurst Road overseeing as he said the drugs, the
security guards move allegedly the cocaine.  Over the time, I have had mobile numbers however I haven't got recent.
Greek Sammy was asking for money all the time.
You look for patterns and systems how a business is structured well I did this for the drug industry because it allegedly was the
drug industry that was paying for the building in Victoria Street by researching the novel you look at how history repeats and
if the system fits.  It's not unusual for people to write a novel.  However I had much business experience including Axel where
working together was helpful.  Pen is mighter than the sword as Greek Sammy said to me on finding out.   He explained that as
long as I only wrote about Astoria Hotel that was fine, other than that you will be in trouble.
Chop told me, we are bigger than the police they cant touch us.  Well, it was words however what I found out through
allegedly Chop, Peter William Schaffer his ego would tell more, he would brag about the gang and how they were doing drugs.
Thinking it would be impossible that the police would get this guy that had threatened to kill me and others over a period of time,
standover tactics, yet he still is around Kings Cross.  Chop was the person who in November 2011 explained many of the people
that came into the brothel as the puppets that had strings pulled.
Chop, wore a banditos hat however that allegedly was the front to steer me away from thinking Hells Angels as I had thought and
could work out by the people coming in and the images on the internet remember I didn't know about the gangs at all prior to going
to Kings Cross.
By how the drugs were moving and the people not getting caught I couldn't believe.  So when I noticed I emailed in.  I did email
about the drug runners in the Lido Hotel that in the newspaper in July 2012 talked about senior bikies in Roslyn Street July 2011.
Strike Force Raptor cleaned them out however they will return it's the system.
What I have noticed is looking back, Felix Lyle with names like Bill Bayeh has alllegedly  lead a charge on Kings Cross in 2006
under the Banditos banner to overthrow allegedly John Ibrahim for the company behind Kings Cross it's allegedly the company
The Hells Angels Ltd that is the valuable asset.  It's when you hear of people like Essam, Quentin, Tony that talk about the old
school of the alleged gang Hells Angels is not happy how John Ibrahim and others are running the drugs.
Essam Gerges I first met  in November 2011, where he talked and talked all the time thinking he would be able to sway me over
to his way of  thinking however he is the man that in February painted a cream square in Room F without a answer except  by his
face sheer pleasure.  Then the next thing being ttold that the whole of the brothel was being pulled out walls and wall?
Which possess the question why?
How to fix?
Check the brothel area as labeled for the alleged bodies.
2. Allegedly the finding  of the bodies will expose much.
3. Allegedly look at the deregistering of the company The Hells Angels Ltd that was registered in 1975
4. Allegedly the finding of the bodies in the brothel will allegedly connect Abe Saffron to the murders and will affect the
Marshins Trust distribution for the proceeds of crime.
5. The linking of the alleged criminal organisations that web themselves through the bikies club for the dealing and distribution network of drugs
6. Pass a law for restrictions on working girls in the brothel situation and the drug connection this will allegedly destroy the
dg drug network that has been building through the brothel industry.
7. Allegedly the gang is destroying Kings Cross by having too many drugs in one concentration of area.
8. Remove from the Police Act 141(a) no further investigation as within the case I have found that this has hindered the
opoperations of the police.  Investigations should be exhausted.  To solve a murder you don’t need a body, you need to see
ththe system and have links to the alleged suspects.  The alleged behaviour towards a person or position.
Please search the brothel, allegedly Abe Saffron had control of this brothel from gaining the control of Kings Cross from Madame Tilly Devine.
By only reporting to Kings Cross Police Station, I have found that these alleged drug runners have been unable to have charges laid.  Well we have a body to locate, the push on the brothel was huge from these alleged associates of Hells Angels.
Please search for what Essam wanted out of the brothel?

It poses the question what is it?  Juanita Nielsen?

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