Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Police further investigation Prime Minister sent an email.

The Kings Cross Sting:   The Kings Cross Sting KX Newspaper
Breaking NEWS……Search for Juanita Nielsen  Why did the Police not search the Original Pink Pussycat Club from 1958 for Juanita Nielsen, it's just across the road from the Carousel Club?
Original Pink Pussycat Club 1958World Famous Brothel Sparkling Chandeliers 
Now the answer the police are giving is under 141(a) of the Police Act no further investigation.  Allegedly named a Police informant, however if the police informant has been utilising this part of the law to stay out of gaol, than the law needs to be changed.

The Original Pink Pussycat Club,  Madame Tilly Devine’s and then Abe Saffron’s how they ruled Kings Cross.  Allegedly Abe Saffron was The Hells Angels Ltd.  This is the business arm of Kings Cross, the business dealings that allegedly Abe Saffron had going.

Why protect, this guy allegedly named in the Juanita Nielsen case?  DNA is the key that will be found.
Juanita Nielsen’s bones need recovering.  Why do the police leave them their when they do know this has been the longest unsolved murder with the Beaumont Children and Donald Mackay all which had an affect on the life of Abe Saffron.
Search warrant, to be executed……

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