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Juanita Nielsen evidence which started The Kings Cross Sting investigation

The Kings Cross Sting
Juanita Nielson…..Unsolved Murder Kings Cross?
NEWSREPORT......Police are investigating a third person in relation to the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen
Thanks to all our Readers, You will find that The Chandelier at Sparkling Chandeliers is Juanita Nielsen may she rest in peace......

Juanita Nielson’s disappearance is a puzzle.  There have been numerous investigation regarding the way Juanita disappeared and so will
The Kings Cross Sting.
More than a quarter of a century later Juanita’s exact fate is still unknown.  It is a virtual certainty as I have read about this disappearance that Juanita was probably murdered on or about July 4 1975.  The time, manner and place of her body are still unknown.
Three men were eventually charged with her abduction in 1977.  Two served a total of five years and one was acquitted. However in new evidence there was a third person that has not been identified as yet.
Many people have written books about the mysterys of the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen now it has been identified a 3rd person was present.
Can we locate the third person?
You may be a visitor to Kings Cross or someone that is intrigued by the Kings Cross Underbelly.  Juanita Nielsen a journalist in her own right, having a newspaper called NOW that was putting pressure at the time for going on's in Kings Cross.
Just like the King Cross Sting the newspaper by Juanita was written about the Kings Cross area.
Juanita went missing from the now Empire Hotel back then it was the Carousel Club near the corner of Roslyn Street Kings Cross her last known place as Juanita was seen..
Disappearance of Juanita
On the 4 July, 1975, Nielsen went to the Carousel Club in Kings Cross in order to discuss advertising for the club in Nielsen's newspaper, Now.  She had been invited there by Edward Trigg, an employee of the club.  The club was one of a number of bars and strip clubs owned by Abe Saffron, who is alleged to have been a major figure in Sydney Organised Crime, and it was managed by James Anderson, who, as a later investigation revealed, owed AUD 260,000 (about AUD 1.5 million in 2005 money to Frank Theeman.  Did Juanita go missing through the Victoria Development that eventually was built, or was it for another reason that did not come to be apparent until later.
Before June 1975 the Carousel had no connection with Juanita or NOW, but that month Anderson initiated contact by sending Nielsen an invitation to attend a press night at the club on June 13.  According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she would not normally have been invited because NOW did not give free publicity to commercial ventures.  In the event, Juanita did not attend and both Crawford and Trigg have claimed that Anderson was "furious"  about her non-appearance.  Juanita had not followed the setup.  This was one point where it would push for an error?
A few days later Trigg instructed the Carousel's PR man Lloyd Marshall to invite Juanita to a meeting at the Camperdown Travelodge, supposedly to discuss advertising related to landscaping, but Nielsen's then boyfriend later recounted that Juanita became suspicious and refused to attend.
On June 30, four days before the Carousel appointment, Trigg and another man, Carousel Barman Shayne Martin-Simmonds, called at Juanita's house 202 Victoria Street Potts Point.  This visit was about inquiring about advertising the Carousel's businessmen's lunches in NOW.  Juanita normally didn't touch the commerical side of the business.  It was later claimed that Trigg and Martin-Simmonds intended to seize Juanita when she opened the door, but their plan was foiled when her friend David Farrell answered the door instead.  The two men played out their rehersed story, but Nielsen was listening in the next room and after they left she was complimented Farrell on his handling of the query, teasing him by saying she might send him out on the road to sell advertising in NOW.
Interviewed by police on 6 November 1977, Martin-Simmonds confirmed that the advertising story was a ruse and that their actual intention was to kidnap Juanita if she was alone and take her to see "people who wanted to talk to her".  He said that he and Trigg intended to:
.Just grab her arms and stop her calling out, no real rough stuff, no gangster stuff.  We thought that just two guys telling Nielsen to come would be enough to make her think if she didn't come.  She might get hurt otherwise.  The interview talked about when she came into the room, one of us would be standing there and the other one would come up behind her and just quietly grab her by the arms and maybe put a hand over her mouth or a pillowslip over her head." This was the talk but really what happened we still need to find out.

According to her friend David Farrell, Juanita was by then seriously concerned that her activism was putting her in danger.  Nielsen mentioned her fears to Farrell about two weeks before her disappearance and she arranged to keep him regularly informed of her whereabouts.
Juanita was reporting on the Victoria Street Green Ban issues which had dominanted her paper NOW for a while.  Juanita was also finding out about the illegal casino's and gambling that come to her notice.  Many other issues Juanita was working on that were illegal or corruption that existed.  Carousel receptionist Loretta Crawford claims that Trigg instructed her to call Juanita on the night on Thursday July 3 to set up a meeting at the club for the following morning.  Crawford now claims that she knew that the advertising story was just bullshit.  The Club didn't advertise in local newspapers, it was doubtful that Juanita would attend due to this.  Loretta was surprised that Juanita kept the appointment.
At 10.30am on Friday 4 July Juanita telephoned David Farrell to tell him that she was running late or the meeting.  As reported by Crawford when Juanita arrived she proceeded to the landing on the first floor where Crawford's reception desk was located.  Crawford offered her a seat and a cup of coffee.  Juanita remarked that she had had a "hard night" and suffering from the hung over affects.  Juanita didn't get to drink the coffee because Trigg arrived.  Crawford said that she noted that he was on time, which she thought unusual since he was often late.  Juanita and Trigg exchanged greetings on the landing and went upstairs to Trigg's office.
At this point the accounts of what happened have changed over the years.  In the Sydney Morning Herald in 2001 Crawford made claims that she had called Jim Anderson at his home in Vaucluse, told him that Juanita had arrived and that he was "quite pleased" by the news.  Crawford was adamant that she was in no doubt whatsoever that Anderson was at his home in Vaucluse. Jim Andersons car was found to be at the Sydney Airport with two parking tickets.  The phone could've had call forward on the telephone line?  Crawford had no doubt that Anderson was at his home in Vaucluse-- not in Surfer's Paradise, as he has always claimed.
In statements given to the police Trigg and Crawford said that Nielsen had left the club alone, although in 1976 Crawford changed her story to say that Nielsen and Trigg left together.  Nielsen was not seen again.  I note all of these people were not Abe Saffron, it could be a group unbeknowns to Saffron or the ownership of the club.  Nielsen's handbag and other effects were discovered on 12 July, abandoned near a freeway in Sydney's western suburbs.
New Zealand born transvestite Monet King (who was then called Marilyn King), the former boyfriend of Trigg, told one journalist that Trigg had returned home on 4 July with blood on his clothes.  A piece of paper in his pocket, which was later used by police as evidence before the coronial inquest, also had blood on it.  Was this blood had dna tested?  DNA could solve this disappearance?
This was supposedly a receipt signed by Nielsen for advertising money paid by Trigg.  King said that Trigg threw out the shirt, and the portion of the paper with blood on it.  King never gave testimony to the police or the coronial inquiry.
Why not, did King not give evidence?
In the late 1977, Trigg and two other employees at the Carousel Club were arrested and charged with conspiring to kidnap Nielsen.  Trigg was imprisoned for three years, one other man was imprisoned for two years and the third was acquitted.  However, it was still unclear what had actually happened to Nielsen.
After the death of James Anderson in 2003, Crawford changed her story again.  She claimed that she had seen Nielsen's body in the storeroom below the club, with Trigg and two other men standing over her.  She saw that one of the men was holding a gun, and Nielsen's body had a small bullet wound.  Other ideas were that Nielsen had left the Carousel Club meeting someone to enter the Lido Motel in Roslyn Street Kings Cross.  Three men were their, one Fred Krahe with two other bouncers or heavies were some of the reports.  Ideas?  Someone must've seen what happened.
Even that Jim Anderson had left his car at the Airport picking up a Yellow Mustang that was later seen in the Kings Cross area where Juanita was last seen.
Nielsen's body has never been found.  Many have thought it was dumped out to sea, others believe it is in the Blue Mountains.
The obvious motive for Nielsen's presumed murder is her opposition to the Victoria St development.  However there have also been claims that she was working on an expose about vice, corruption and illegal gambling in the Cross.  Her then boyfriend John Glebe gave evidence that Juanita had told him about receiving telephone threats and he also testified that she carried cassette tapes in her handbag.  According to Glebe, Juanita had told him about that the tapes could "blow the top off" an issue she was working on.  These would expose the principals involved in Sydney's illegal gaming industry.
The investigation by the police and by the coronial inquiry was reported and I believe this was the most indepth information.
If you know of what happened then call Crimestoppers.

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