Thursday, 25 September 2014

Aleister Crowley the hidden links to O'Muhammad exposed

Aleister Crowley linked to O'Prophet, to Master, to a book of law hidden.
Mohammad is mentioned which links. Muhammad? O'Muhammad?  The links to Kings Cross link to Frank Bennett

Chapter 122

Ritual Viii linked to first position 000 Emergency.

Meteor showers are happening, it is a sign.  Mr Satan looks on, and so do I.  We have filled in the evidence on the drug network through the Massage chairs coming into Australia.  Now you wouldn’t look at a $5000 odd chair however this was the vessel they were utilizing.  Stealing the chairs and I wondered why?
I looked at the CBD in the Hemp oil, the Salve with healing, the Dew drops for under the tongue where when it’s made legal it will remove the part when you are first diagnosed with Cancer the medicine is in excess of $300,000.00  Please take the drugs away from this gang and break open the hidden crypt.
Tonight I sat looking for the graves, Frank Green, Guido Caletto, and I thought about Nellie Cameron.  I couldn’t find Nellie’s lover’s graves.  I wonder what else they have collected?
Fire versus fire we go back to solve the problem.
The secret ingredient is love, yet in the sky 26 September which is my Grandmothers birthday my Nana who cared for me and probably could see the problems from the start.  Wehad the Heart of the fire exposing itself.  We have the Ark, Ash resting on timber from the Ark set on the altar of the Almighty as the burnt offerings to Zeus. 
We had the link to Aries for the Monster, the Beast, then we had the links to the cup or the Holy Grail with the power of Jupiter as the volcano about to erupt.  The timing is coming.  Changes are certain.
So what we have is the Grand Trine of Fire, which is Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo for the Lion and Mars for the Red in Sagittarius which Rosaleen Norton looked upon as the God of Pan.
Within the sky we have The Cross Crux that lies in the hind legs of Centaurus which you could think relating to the works of Rosaleen Norton as the God of Pan.  This is the same cross from the Bible Story, where Jesus was crucified and impaled.  The Sun currently occupies this space and Jesus was the son. 
We have to look at the Cardinal markers at this time, The Phoenix is in Aquila, represents the ashes that the Phoenix will rise from using the Grand Fire Trine for the fuel.  We are rising the souls I know that.  It is showing me now the timing in the sky as Mr Satan said “Jennifer Shhh, it is happening”.
Football Score as he tells me is Newtown WIN in 1929…  Celebration at the X is coming.
The Grand Fire Trine has the power till the 6th October, the Centaur Jennifer he said is the time for the Wolves, Lions, Vampires, Parasitic energies to be dethroned.  Long live the Queens of the X.
Nostramdamus said the Great Cow will be found in the the Great 7.  The King will have 3 brothers.
Nothing is a secret key of this law.  Sixty-one the Jes call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred and eighteen. Chapter 122 of Aleister Crowley documents Order A:.A:.
Love is the law, love under will.  I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed and blind him.  It was a link within all of this to Mohammad.  O’ Prophet was allegedly O’Muhammad?  As Aleister Crowley said “The book of the Law is written and concealed. Aum. Ha.”

J&B Trust?  John and Bill the flowerpot men.  The cannabis seed was waiting for the approval off the government.  I hope they read my emails as we need to stop organized crime from controlling this miracle plant which I see can rid the world of virus’s where man-made medicine has created by the bio-weapon virus’s of Cancer, Ebola, MRSA, the list goes on.

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