Sunday, 7 September 2014

History repeats Who is Sammy sweet?

History repeats.
James Devine and Mr Devine?
The Sunday Telegraph has been told that about 24 hours before Mr Pisu's death, Mr Devine was asked by underworld figures in Kings Cross to "leave the area", a police source said.

WHOEVER controls Kings Cross controls Sydney's drug trade - and the lucre that flows from it. The Golden Mile has long been the setting for turf wars by gangs trying to dominate points of distribution for the drug market.;jsessionid=6B88223268BFB6377F14956C505F6DC8?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=584&clsPage=1&docID=SHD101205AF79S52D426

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