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Rozelle Fire Explosion

Man arrested over Rozelle deaths - SCC Property Crime Squad

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 09:42:40 AM
A man has been arrested over the deaths of three people following a fire and explosion at Rozelle earlier this month.
Emergency services were called to Darling Street about 4am on Thursday 4 September 2014, where they found a convenience store well alight.
Fire & Rescue NSW personnel attended and extinguished the blaze; however, the building was extensively damaged from an explosion.
Three people – a 31-year-old woman and her 11-month-old son, along with a 27-year-old man – died in the fire.
Another three people were injured.
Strike Force Baracchi was established by detectives from the Property Crime Squad’s Arson Unit to investigate the fire.
It’s alleged the fire was deliberately lit.
Following extensive inquiries, strike force detectives arrested a man about 8.30am today (Tuesday 23 September 2014), at Camperdown.
The 44-year-old Greenacre man is expected to be charged later today.
Silver car?
How do you get under a Commerical Fridge?  What is being protected?

When we find the occupants of deceased Chris Noble and his two flatmates were awake.

When you read the report Cory Cameron he jumped from the fire was the words within the report?
Jumped from the fire on the first floor?
Confirmation of Chris Noble sent text to his mother so he was awake?


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to scip1andstib1luksecretariatlocal_court_gl.honoursdeborah.coxoffice
When Peter Schaffer told me he was coming to get me, he had on his facebook a silver BMW.

Within the Moloch worshipping the silver is for protection known as the silver chariot.
As above as below is the system they do what is in the sky they are doing on the ground.

I was reading about the connections with the Moloch worshipping and the Satanic rituals of the Luna Park Ghost Train Fire of Sydney back in 1979.  

When Peter Schaffer rang the house after I thought by the planets and stars and what I saw on facebook it was the night of the ritual I thought to murder the victim I rang the Police.

I had Hurstville Police came, then they came back and I didn't let them in the gate they had the key which I thought was odd as one of the gate button's had been missing.  I then thought of what my girlfriend had said that their were many associates of Hells Angels at Hurstville Police.  Her son Cameron Adams is a Police Officer their.  She told me about the connections with the Hells Angels and the pubs where the links were connecting as these were allegedly common places I had seen or heard of people meeting up.

When the phone rang in the house I thought it was going to be the police as I was told that night to email things into a part of Hurstville Police regarding the connections of the Mittagong area, Sutton Forest and the Bangalego which linked in with the alleged Kings Cross boys of weekends away in the 70's.  It was seeming what they did in the old days they continued to do.  

When I heard Peter Schaffer's voice, I said silver chariot.  I was nearly blown away when he said yes.  Im coming to get you.  I was terrified, then when I gave the phone to my daughter he told her he was a police officer and she thought with that I was mad.

Ill attached the silver car Peter Schaffer had as the number plate may be a link where this gang is getting the cars from.

The suburb Rozelle is near the McDonalds that Larissa Goodman told me in November 2013 to meet her for coffee as she was going to tell me what was happening, yet she was just wasting my time and thought it was funny.

Alex told me he had dropped Roger Hegarty off at a 7 eleven store in Leichhardt and to remember this in early 2011.  However the links to the 7 eleven I have noticed as to the drug busts that have occurred in the convenient stores.  If you google this it is common link around the world.

At the time I wrote to the Police when I could about the silver car as the silver chariot.  Within the Tarot cards the Chariot is silver they bring to life within the crimes.  Silver is utilised for protection.  

If they follow the system within the crime, the leads tell those that are associates of the angels or the Rebellion army of the Outlaw gang that the crime was gang related by what I was told those police go and see there link to the gang for the alleged payoff.

Within the system of the Moloch worshipping, they have a system to fulfill.  I do not know the system, yet it covers murder, setups, drugs, terrorising people, fraud, robbery all for the left hand drugs and the right hand murder.  Within the gang they move up in steps.  It was the 5 steps this gang talked to me about.

With each step they are doing what I call the Scorpion ritual to the astrology in the sky.  

At the moment all I know about is the Gates of Hades, the worshipping what happened last Saturday night on Roslyn Street is part of this worshipping to the God almighty they worship is something kept within the brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers in the subfloor 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

If this was allegedly a setup for the guy to be at the store early than they cased the joint out to see the guy from upstairs leave for work on a regular basis.  As Peter Schaffer told me he followed me from early 2011.  Thou I had a link to Shannon Elliffe from 2009.  

Alex told me to worry when all went quiet, they use to flash lights into the kitchen where I study now that has stopped about 2 weeks.  We would hear a horn blow or a funny bird nose of a night and now nothing.  Alex told me, they won't just leave Jen they will watch and the timing you will have to study.  The lights are part as Pope John Paul said that before the resurrection of Jesus the lights would be seen.  This is why they do the lights.  

Moloch worshipping is written about in the Bible.  Sunrise.

With an unobstructed horizon and a clear sky, you just might see the dazzling planet Venus coupling up with Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. From mid-northern latitudes, look eastward about one hour before sunrise, and below the brilliant planet Jupiter, to see the sky’s brightest planet, Venus, low in the sky.

As above, like in heaven, and as below like on earth.  I noted the husband went to work after 4am.  So the explosion happened sometime within nearly the timing in the sky to the Regulus.  This becomes the heart of the Lion in the sky and is something to do with this mythology.

I know they utilise fire, as I write it's fire versus fire for the spirit world.  They work as the first defense of the angels without wings.  This is the power of the 81's on the ground and very hard to pick up.  I have studied this from 2009 to 2014.  This is where Alex hadn't put the links to Aleister Crowley before I linked into this.

Regulus you can google links to the bible with regard to Mother and Sun, yet this alleged murder was mother and son?

  1. 1 Kings 11:1-13 • The Fall of Solomon - Walk with the Word

    A chariot was imported from Egypt for 600 shekels of silver, and a horse for 150; ....The worship of Molech was associated with the sacrifice of children in the fire  ...

  1. Police on lookout for silver sedan after armed hold-up of sex ...

    Aug 19, 2014 - The happened at 6.30pm last night and the silver vehicle, being driven by another person, was last seen heading west on Brisbane Road.

Car seized in relation to disappearance of Rockhampton duo

Jun 21, 2013 - Police searched Tipperary Rd, near the Dee River, in Mt Morgan after information came to light a silver sedan was seen in the area around the 
  1. Andy Warhol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... Amiga computers that were introduced in 1984, two years before his death. ... is US$105 million for a 1963 canvas titled "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)".
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    Jun 6, 2014 - Detectives found another car, a silver 2004 BMW 5-Series sedan, which was stolen during a violent car-jacking at Maroubra in July, 2009.

I know this gang is dangerous, I just didn't know I would see some of the system enough to make them so mad at me.  But to expose the Moloch worshipping you need to search the brothel 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, this will with the other information I have sent to the police I will allege send a massive hole in their system.

I wished the Police had believed me back in 2011, as the crimes happen I see the system, I call it the Scorpion Rituals linking to the number 81 which links allegedly to Triads, Bandidos, Hells Angels, Nomads, Notorious Scorpions in Kings Cross.

By what I understand for months even years they have been doing a system within the murders or red herrings they choose to do like a dare.  Yet it moves them up within the games of slaughter they play.

The link I have to the brothel I wrote about was the S. Hardin and the S Hardas that was questioned at the Wood's Royal Commission.

S Hardin came from 680 Darling Road Rozelle, yet I know this number is closer to hairdorama at 625.
They link in black magicK names, Darling and the brothel I would like searched linking to Abe Saffron was Darlinghurst Road.  We have the link that Abe Saffron was allegedly a front to people behind him.  Hardin allegedly was one of those at that time.

It has been very hard to see this gang do so much horror and the police failed to search the hidden compartment I found in Kings Cross as Detective Inspector Ian McDonald said to me from Kings Cross Police it gives me a job.  Superintendent Sue Waites refused the search yet at the time of the Wood's Royal Commission Bob Waites was the Superintendent of this same area conflict of interest which wasn't declared.

Moloch worshipping is very real in Kings Cross and these gangs link to the brothel as their temple they have created the holy land in Kings Cross.  The gang is huge, the drug network the way the Police are fighting it will never expose the hidden players as the drugs will keep coming.

The companies linking into the brothel allegedly link to the supply chain and this is why the drug network has protected this brothel at all costs.  

zi got to go, I have been frightened again.  I know until the brothel is searched my life is not safe.  Even after as many have said I will be terrorised for what I have done.

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