Saturday, 27 September 2014

Richard Charin reports on Conspiracy for John F. Kennedy assassination.

Comment #124 September 27th, 2014 at 9:10 am
The New JFK Calc Witness Spreadsheet: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy
The JFK Calc spreadsheet was originally created to analyze unnatural witness death probabilities. It has been expanded to include live witness testimony.
1) Material Witness Deaths
2) Dealey Plaza Witnesses: Origin of shots
3) Time interval between shots
4) JFK Limo Speed
5) Description of JFK Wounds: Parkland and Autopsy
The one-sided eyewitness evidence constitutes overwhelming proof of a conspiracy. The mainstream media is complicit in propagating transparent Warren Commission lies in the 50 year cover-up. Why does it continue to hide the facts? It should allow a prime-time debate between JFK truth seekers and Warren Commission apologists. There is no longer any doubt. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy and never fired a shot. The history books will have to be re-written.
JFK: Debunking Scott Aaronson's "Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone" Richard Charnin April 30, 2014 JFK Blog Posts JFK Calc Spreadsheet...

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