Saturday, 27 September 2014

DIPG brain cancer for children update

DIPG is attacking more children and young teenagers than any other form of brain cancer I have noted. It attacks the Pons part or parts surrounding as it grows. This is part of the brain which is very close to the Pineal gland I will note and the blocking of the Pineal gland affects our DNA structure within our own bodies. Alex has had DIPG diagnosed for around 9 months odd. I notice he was commenting on Erin Griffin Raising Childhood Cancer Awareness page with the knowledge he had on teenagers diagnosed with the disease live longer. However that was not the case for Gloria's Journey with DIPG which I followed who was diagnosed and died within a week.
We have to look at the major co-incidences within the upsurge of DIPG.
we have to look at the timezone of when the SV-40 virus was in the Polio vaccine as we allegedly link from mother to child co-incidences.
DIPG is being treated around the world with upsurges in Britain, USA and Australia I have noted within the research.
We have to look at the affects of the fluoride within the countries.
We have to look at the affects of the fluoride for mother and child and passing the DNA changes we have suffered due to our own DNA manipulations by our living environment.
I have noticed within the DIPG community many of the families are health conscious. This is a good thing, yet the link within all the families allegedly could be the water supply and the chemicals which are added?
I have asked questions to many of the parents who have lost children as to whether it could relate to formula's of a child where a virus could lay dormant within the body and then expose itself with the right living conditions.
I noticed many families in the USA have been utilising the Cannabis oil since it's become available and have noted improvement or the ability for the child to stay stable with this dreaded disease it is most important.
We have to look at the GMO affects on our food crops as I did interview Gerry Tye who had Talin who died from DIPG I noticed then it is allegedly out of the hands of the normal health we eat and provide in the home environment.
Many of these children are too young to have had vast amounts of rubbish within their own diet.
We have to look at the cell structure of the tumour in the samples where many victims of this disease have donated their brain to research. This would be an interesting research to find the cell structure of the tumor as within all cancer's it mutates the chromosones within the person. It may not be the same chromosone in all cancers however it is a co-incidence with all cancers I have been studying for a number of years I have noted.
When you link the bio-weapon cancer to a virus then we have a hope for a solution to come.
When we can test the cancer cells to see the sensitivity to vitamins will in some way help with dietary function to stop these childhood illnesses.
We wait and see, pray, yet I will keep reading Alex until I find more answers for the solution. xxx
Update; MRI shows no changes. EEG shows no seizures. So, the question is what is it? Radiation could have cause the irritation to brain or the tumor is mad. So, what's next? Wait and see game. Can he handle bring removed from the vent only time will tell. Will attempt removal sometime tomorrow unless he responds on his own today. If he can't be removed from the vent then the tumor is the problem. What we know only time can tell. He remains in ICU. I truly hate DIPG ...

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