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Beaumont Children Murders Reporter Shelley

The Kings Cross Sting has reported the alleged remains of the Beaumont Children was in the fight for the alleged change from Pounds to Currency.  

The Beaumont Children by alleged reports I have is they were drugged and brought to Sydney for the underworld for the Paedophile and underage sex which was working through an underground network of sex rituals.  

The links to the below information I have is when Essam Nicola Gerges was within the brothel in Kings Cross where this hidden Crypt under floor is located he did go and visit a Doctor in Bondi he told me during the day.  He told me it was very important to him.

Essam told me he was the gun man from when he came to Kings Cross however I do not know what year he came to Australia from Egypt.  However as he would ring, and tell me his son is the Sargeant of Arms Hells Angels Eastern Suburbs.  

What I saw Essam was dealing large amounts allegedly of drugs by what the working girls told me and the plastic bags I would find stashed under the bed when I moved it in Room F. I was looking for evidence of his drug dealing which I found in the draws beside the bed of his scales and left overs.

I was told by Essam he was going over these couple of days I had to stay at the brothel.  He told me he had dinner with Bill Bayeh down in Double Bay then the next day it was panick mode to go to Bondi to see a Doctor.  He showed me a card for a Doctor yet by my understanding of what happened and what I heard and was told by others within the premises at the time Essam didn't make the Doctor's appointment he made in my hearing.  It all happens for a reason I thought.

This was before the cream patch was painted on the wall in Room F of the brothel by him and when I questioned why you would paint cream on a red wall in a patch he told me the big boys were coming back for it.  If you look at the wall it is not built to hold the building up in this position.

I asked Kings Cross Police to fingerprint and further investigate this evidence which was in Room F when I locked up the brothel on Darlinghurst Road called World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers as this was the position of my research to Tilly Devine and Abe Saffron control in Kings Cross dating back to 1929.  Abe Saffron took over in 1948 however James Devine was still alive at that time and Tilly would come and visit Abe all for a reason I thought.

Within how allegedly King of the Cross as Abe Saffron was known for, then now John Ibrahim is a terminalogy.  Yet when the hidden crypt underfloor in the second hallway within this brothel where the gang relate to the Sex temple, the temple of Satan or Mr Sin then we will have more of the alleged evidence coming forward why we have this name in history King of the Cross.

There are 3 main suspects, for The Family Members:
Suspect 1
What we know for sure
- An eastern suburbs businessman. Live in Eastern suburbs very close to his business
- His business is/was on a main Eastern suburbs shopping strip
- His business is/was a 2 storey building
- In one of the rooms upstairs there was just a mattress on the floor (not evidence was found when examined)
- He visited von Einem the night von Einem was first questioned
- He visited von Einem in prison soon after conviction
- Police monitored him when we was a suspect. Every day he came to work at the same time, then locked up for lunch at 12pm, went cruising the gay beats, came back at 1pm after lunch, then when closing his shop instead of going home which was close by, he went cruising the gay beats again. Everyday he was looking for men.
- At the time of murders he lived with suspect 2 - The Doctor Stephen Woodards (please refer to Electoral role where they can be found)
- He was still in Adelaide as of a few years back running same business
- Suspect 1 was referred to as "Mr R" in court.
What we can speculate
- His shop is/was on one of Melbourne St North Adelaide, Magill Road Maylands, The Parade Norwood
- To be able to leave his shop everyday for lunch suggests he sells high end goods that are slow moving. You can't leave a newsagent, chemist, bakery, florist, fashion store at lunch time. I would suggest antiques, art, gemstones, maybe even a music store like a piano store. Or maybe an adult shop.
- He was with von Einem when Richard Kelvin was abducted. Police believe this to be the case but ultimately there is no proof
- He was with von Einam and Alan Barnes after Barnes was abducted. Witness "Mr B" claims he was there when Barnes was out cold and suspect 1 arrived after von Einem had called him to join in.
What is unclear
- Is suspect 1 still in Adelaide and is he still running his shop?
- What does R stand for in Mr R? First name or second?
Suspect 2
What we know for sure
- His name for starters: Stephen George Woodards
- He's an Adelaide doctor who now lives in Bondi, NSW
- At the time of the murders he was living with suspect 1
- At the time he was also the lover of a high profile Adelaide lawyer
- Police know Woodard and his lover were drugging and raping dudes
- Supplied von Einem a plethora of date rape drugs
- He was charged in 2011 on 5 counts of raping a male under 17
What we can speculate
- In 1982 he committed the rapes in St Peters. Is this where he was living with suspect 1? It's very close to those 3 shopping strips I suggested.
What is unclear
- Who was his high profile lawyer lover?
Suspect 3
What we know for sure
- A close friend of von Einem and suspect 1 and a former male prostitute (Possibly Pru Firman)
What we can speculate
- This guy is the witness known as "Mr B". Made a lot of statements about von Einem from day one. Told police in the original investigation about how he and von Einem were picking up hitchhikers, drugging them, and raping them. He's a dodgy guy but police believe his information to be true. He told them stuff that over time matched up with what they discovered about von Einem.
- "Mr B" always claimed he left just before von Einem murdered people. "I was there, didn't like it, left, then met up with von Einem 2 weeks later to pick up and rape dome more dudes". This guy had to be more involved that he made out. One police officer thinks this guy has serial killer like qualities.
Gary Wayne Place: witness who testified in 1988
Derrance Stevenson – Gay lawyer murdered in 1979. His 19 year old boyfriend was convicted but some doubt he is guiltY.
Gino "Luigi" Gambardella: Chiropractor, friend of von Einem, was picking up and sexually assaulting blokes in 70s. Left for Europe when he was being investigated. Not considered a Family suspect. Police trying to locate him in Europe to get info on the Family.
I have no idea if any of the above are in The family. Just a lot of sexual assaults back in the 70s.

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