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Fiona Barrett report Paedophile ring

Nicole Kidman's Father's Death a Suicide?

"Antony Kidman was under investigation at the time of his death. I reported Kidman's involvement in a Sydney based paedophile ring which committed crimes including the rape, torture and murder of children.

I reported that Kidman subjected me to multiple physical and sexual assaults up to the age of 14 years. NSW [New South Wales] Victims of Crime determined on the balance of probabilities that I was a child victim of the named paedophile ring headed by Antony Kidman."
From press release by Fiona Barnett, September 17, 2014

Singapore police ruled Dr. Antony Kidman's death "unnatural" (awaiting autopsy results). According to reliable sources it is now speculated that he may have committed suicide only weeks after he learned of an investigation by the Australian Psychological Council, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission into his crimes of serial child rape and torture as part of a pedophile ring.

Other members of the VIP pedophile ring allegedly include prime ministers, a Parliament House governor general, a state police commissioner, actors, police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors.

As stated yesterday on a Safe Kids International post, Fiona also reported the serial sexual assaults, the pedophile ring and the cover up by police to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, but it is now known that report was made over a year ago. Apparently the Royal Commission has been sitting on credible evidence of horrific crimes without reporting to the police.

EXCERPT from Fiona Barnett's report to the Psychological Council, which initiated the investigation into Dr. Kidman's alleged crimes, August 2014:

[Warning: Graphic Details]

1st incident:
"I was taken to a small, professional-looking office that had walls clad in brown wood-look panels. In that room, Kidman tied me into a chair that could recline. While I was tied in the chair, Kidman stuck pins underneath my finger nails. Kidman then forced a tube down my throat, and into this he poured a white liquid until I could no longer breathe and I passed out. Kidman later placed his hand inside my underwear and masturbated me. Then he placed his penis in my mouth until he ejaculated and I choked."

2nd incident:
"I was 14 years of age. An Engadine [suburb of Sydney] GP [MD: General Practitioner] and member of a BoysTown paedophile ring named Mark drove me to a residential home overlooking Sydney harbor. As instructed by Mark, I knocked on the door and told the person who answered, “Star-child is here.” The person let me and took me to a party downstairs in a room which featured exposed wood beams, and which overlooked a pool and a view of the water. The room was full of socialites and actors dressed in period costumes from a theatre production, including Shakespearean actor [name redacted]. I recall a group of people in one corner of the room sniffing a white powder substance off a coffee table through their noses. At the party Antony Kidman gave me a beverage that left me moderately disorientated.

After the party guests left [name redacted] and Antony Kidman sexually assaulted me in the same room. They made me perform oral sex on them, and then I witnessed the two men engage in homosexual sex. After this, the men threw me in the pool outside. At the edge of the pool, Antony Kidman who was standing in the water behind me, held my arms in a painful lock behind my back while [name redacted] stomped on my head and pushed my head under the water. The two men almost drowned me.

I recall the following morning being in a basement of the same house, naked and tied to a chair. Antony Kidman hit my face hard, and screamed at me, “Do you remember, now?!” repeatedly until I told him that I did not recall the events of the previous evening. After this I was given my clothes that had been washed and dried and ordered to get dressed. I was then collected by Dr. Mark and driven back to my grandparents’ house in Engadine.”

Signed by Fiona Barnett on August 7, 2014

Press Release:

Incident report:

Investigation begun by Psychology Council:

Previous post by Safe Kids:

*It is hoped that Nicole will meet with Fiona in an effort to get to the truth of the situation rather than automatically go into denial, which is what most relatives of accused pedophiles would do. If these allegations are true, they are both victims of Dr. Kidman in different ways. Nicole has lost her beloved father and will have to bear the burden of this knowledge the rest of her life as, of course Fiona has. Our hearts go out to both of them at this difficult time.

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  1. Investigations must be on-going at mark speed to catch these low low low animals who revile in evil ruining young lives while being protected knowingly or not.No amount of compensation can cure these young lives only pray and understanding and utmost LOVE.