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Beaumont Children missing for 50 years

Australia Day is looming fast, the word has gotten around.  This gang we are exposing will be caught... if they are alive.

We have to wonder when Ray "Gunner" Kelly went to Adelaide to help in the Beaumont Children Disappearance why was he there?

Ray Gunner Kelly died 11th August 1977 by reports a most decorated Police Officer yet Where the bones remain as I have written about allegedly hidden in the subfloor compartment 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross is the reason how this Pink gang works.
Pink means Pope seeing eye (i) Nomad Knights.

The Pink Triangle gang I allege will link to Abe Saffron and Lenny MacPherson.
Kelly gained further renown in 1966 thanks to his highly publicised capture of prison escapees Ronald Ryan and Peter John Walker in 1966. However, according to writer Tony Reeves (the biographer of Sydney crime boss Lenny McPherson), Kelly was able to capture the pair easily because they had been betrayed by McPherson. 

He retired in 1966 as the best-known and best-regarded police officer in Sydney. In March 1966, soon after his retirement, Kelly was hired for a private investigation into the disappearance of the Beaumont children by a Sydney newspaper; he flew to Adelaide, where the South Australian Police welcomed him politely, but he left after only one day.

Yes he I believe knew what he hit upon as the pattern of unsolved murders I have thought linked to this Pink Triangle gang in history.
Reeves quoted a former police officer who said that Kelly "ran" Lenny McPherson as an informant for many years, According to Reeves, Kelly kept the lid on numerous crimes to reward or gain influence over McPherson and others.
Where the skulls I believe will be found were once the original "infamous Pink Pussycat" from 1958 and link to Abe Saffron an associate of McPherson.
There father Jim Beaumont were at work by reports.  This was Australia Day 1966, where did he work.

In the modest Beaumont house — still standing today on the corner of Petersen and Harding streets in Somerton Park — nine-year-old Jane was the first of the children to stir but as usual during holidays she chose to read in her bed rather than jump straight up for breakfast.
An intelligent, talented child, the Paringa Park Primary School student 
If these children were picked for the triangle having 3 corners and the alleged sex trade which was happening then someone knew that was close to them.
A letter written two days before her disappearance shows her to be responsible and caring beyond her tender years.
The letter had been left for her parents, who had been out dancing.
“Dear Mum and Dad, I am just about to go to bed and the time is 9. I have put Grant’s nappy on so there is no need to worry about his wetting the sheet. Grant wanted to sleep in his own bed so one of you will have to sleep with Arnna. Although you will not find the rooms in very good condition I hope you will find them as comfortable as we do. Good night to you both. Jane XXX
P.S. I hope you had a nice time wherever you went.
P.P.S. I hope you don’t mind me taking your radio into my room Daddy.”
Was this a problem taking the radio from Daddy?
Jim Beaumont, a former taxi driver now making his living selling linen from the back of a van, had dropped the children off close to the Glenelg Town Hall.
the father left for a routine business trip heading north to Snowtown around 150km away.
Snowtown is a link?  Snowtown Murders?  Could this gang linking to the drug network or paedophilia link to Snowtown back in 1966?
Freemason Hall in Snowtown were the alleged Beaumont Children delivered?  
The brethren of the Barunga Masonic LodgeSnowtown,  From Snowtown to Kings Cross is 14 hours 53 minutes.
The gang I expose in Kings Cross linked to the Grand Lodge No 2 South Africia through Frank Bennett linking to Aleister Crowley  for the wickest man known as the Beast 666.
In one of the episodes of Underbelly question asked of Roger Rogerson, a police officer asked another high ranking officer about joining the FREEMASONS. Were you the police officer who wanted to join and was the high ranking police officer who did not accept his request and got very upset was the Police Commissioner Tony Lauer? 

Chook Fowler died at 90....never went to prison for his corruption but is seen in the film getting the corruption money famous for the Royal Commission to be started on Police corruption.

Allegedly Detective Brian Quinn was the  ‘milkshake man’ who helped Fowler, he is a solicitor on the central coast now.

Just the Police searching the brothel in 2011 the subfloor I exposed I needed help with would have stopped this gang being fed by the underworld drug money received today.
So please ask the Premier of NSW to push the Police to search the brothel where Abe Saffron allegedly collected the evidence for the drug runners he controlled to behave.
6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

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