Sunday, 27 March 2016

Billy Hargis USA JFK assassination and the co-incidences to Sydney

Steve Morgan Richard, you mind find this interesting: after I first posted my pdf file "I meet Bobby Hargis on August 16, 1981" (The Dallas motorcycle police officer who was next to Jackie Kennedy in the motorcade at the time of the assassination), a lady commented in the thread that Bobby Hargis was related to "the Hargis Family in Olahoma who might be or were affiliated with the Church of Christ"; she might have been referring to "The American Council of Churches"; Billy James Hargis was one of the founders q. v. ...
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Jennifer Stone Interesting fact, this gang I expose in Australia link to the motorcycle Police and then we know by the research it is around the world, then Bobby Hargis. The church of Christ in Sydney I have had links to within the information.

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