Friday, 9 December 2016

Rothschilds would never think they could be exposed by a Madame X?

NEW - Complete 2 of 2 - Rothschilds have allegedly  rigged Austrian elections twice and Royals are in US to collect the bill !!! 1776 + civil war II are about to repeat at once(simultaneously) !!!

Alleged Aust
rian rigged elections exposed - both rounds !!! Hofer got at least 80% vs Rothschilds(Van der Bellen) !!! Obama and Royals are preparing in this very moment a very dirty surprise against US constitution and December the 19th as well as Brexit may never happen for the world !!! It is time for us to stop accepting our victories as loses and strike back against 73 years old news !!! It is now or never !!! 1776 must commence !!!

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---Complete 5 of 5 - Rothschilds rig US popular vote in 2016 presidential elections and issue immediate death threat to Donald Trump to advance their agenda !!! MINIMUM 37 MILLION VOTES WERE STOLEN FROM DONALD TRUMP !!!

---Rothschilds have totally rigged Brexit, American(popular vote is far from legitimate), and Austrian elections in 2016 !!! Main stream media claims that nobody predicted the outcome of so called "elections", but I(we) did and we do know that main stream media knows that we know that they know that we have predicted the outcome !!!

Just search the brothel 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Ave, Kings Cross will expose further.

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