Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Juanita Nielsen is hidden in Kings Cross

Juanita Nielsen is hidden in Kings Cross

Statement to Police in 2011 for the problems why a hidden brothel which has spent most of it’s life closed is the reason.
This was the research a group of us were working with.  To expose the alleged druglord on Darlinghurst Road we needed to expose what held them together.
As I was told by an old spritely lady with a walking stick to my knees was the turning point on the reason.  As the lady told me “your problem is Juanita”.
Within this clue with the research of study from 1920’s to the Wood’s Royal Commission which caught Bill Bayeh was a link to the same brothel where Bill Bayeh and Lennie MacPherson had terrorised the Manager of Madame Butterfly and then this person went on to run the Pink Pussycat Club exposed it was the building rather than the people in 1985.
Juanita Nielsen thou no reward money being offered by New South Wales Police is a clue to what we will expose when Juanita Nielsen is raised from the subfloor compartment just past the laundry door at 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
I am not a Police officer however I have spent from 2009 with Alex going over the research and links which can help the Police to expose the links to organised crime.
How does a drug dealer come out of prison and by what I have seen is given drugs to sell?  The guy I followed was eventually caught by Strike Force Raptor November 2015 his name was Scotty and he was caught with $900,000 in a Bondi apartment.
I followed the drug dealers as I saw the faces when they threatened my life I was working on this to stay alive.  What had I found?  Why was I being so watched?
What could be in the floor?  Well, this area came after months of research and having thugs cleaning and tapping on the walls to expose that there was something hidden I just had to find it.  I studied the floor plan?  I collected the screwdriver to undo the screws?  Then I was told by Alex I was being watched by this person known as Sammy Sweet aka Greek Sam. 
Alex said if we want to get out alive we have to wait for the timing.  It was too dangerous.
Just remember the Police laugh at you when you mention the name Juanita Nielsen.  However, Juanita will expose an outlaw criminal gang she was exposing in 1975 where  she was collecting the dossier files for 16 people to expose the drug network that as I believe and allege Juanita was exposing due to the development in Victoria Street.
I am sure Juanita was working on, expose the drug network and this will stop the building in Victoria Street. 
Juanita went missing 4th July 1975 she had a prostitute that had given her tapes that were in her handbag when Juanita went missing.  Was this prostitute allegedly Sallie Ann Huckstepp?  Well this unsolved murder Sallie Ann Huckstepp like Juanita Nielsen has no reward money.
There is no reward money for bringing down the Calabrian Mafia either?  There is no reward for catching the Asian Female druglord on Darlinghurst Road that Clive Small writes about an ex-assistant Police Commissioner moving containers of cocaine as the stories were being told.
The drugs being moved through this alleged controller is $30-50 billion as reports have circled yet all to expose the system is the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen’s skull…..
Then the rest of Juanita’s body is hidden under a cement swimming pool just days after her murder on the 4th Jul 1975 just a co-incidence the swimming pool has never been renovated at this property once owned by a Manager of a Hotel working for Abe Saffron at the time.
To expose the remains at the swimming pool doesn’t bring down the gang nor solves a problem as the man is dead, just the links to when Abe Saffron went to his funeral happens for a reason.
The resting place of Juanita Nielsen is just across the road from the old Carousel Club now the Empire Hotel on Roslyn Street where Eddie Trigg and Jim Anderson were both connected to the murder yet the body was just missing.  Who was the local drug dealer back then?
Who was the local drug dealer that was threatened by Sallie Anne Huckstepp was exposing in 1985?
Bill Bayeh and Lennie MacPherson was noted in the Wood’s Royal Commission terrorising the manager of the alleged same brothel that will expose the hiding spot for Juanita’s skull.
Who was the biggest cocaine dealer caught by the Wood’s Royal Commission?
Isn’t it worth the Police to do the search to unscrew the timber stairs and have a look at what is hidden that allows this drug network thugs to terrorise the brothel owners yet the alleged drug lord refuses the Police to look inside……
Jennifer Stone reporting “The Kings Cross Sting”.

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