Friday, 28 February 2014

Alleged murder Jason Richards? Unsolved?

I saw your page on Katie Oshea missing person.  I research into the underworld and the links to patterns within the murders and missing persons.  I didn't know about your son until today.  I'm sorry, yet I read your frustration and could hear the corruption within the search you have hit upon within the Adelaide Police.  I write The Kings Cross Sting.  I write about the Scorpion Rituals.  Your son I feel is allegedly murdered.  Where did he go on that first day from Darwin down to Ballarat?  I find systems, google the towns, in this area it will show up other missing persons or murders which might connect in.  I call them the scorpion rituals as the gang members I found in Sydney have the black scorpion tattoo.  I link the timing to meteor showers as within the gang they find this the magicK for the murder to happen and within their mythology it gives them protection as they allegedly practise black magicK rituals linking to a cult which links to the Outlaw gang.

What I have found within the system the person is normally taken during the daylight hours so this may help with particular area to search.  

What I have found these are not allegedly random attacks, they are planned so it could be someone who allegedly knew Jason from a distance?

I found this, I am so sorry...I didn't know they found him as your page didn't tell me this.  I actually don't agree with the coroner.  I do believe there is foul play.

Meteor showers.

 Arietids 22 May – 2 Jul 7 Jun 3 +24 37 54
Daytime Zeta Perseids 20 May – 5 Jul 9 Jun 4 +28 27 20
June Lyrids[1] 11 – 21 Jun 16 Jun 19 +44 20 3
South June Aquilids 9 Jun – 2 Jul 16 Jun 19 −5 39 3
Pi Cetids 16 Jun – 4 Jul 26 Jun 2 −12 68 4
June Bootids 22 Jun – 2 Jul 27 Jun 15 +48 18 variable bright
Daytime Beta Taurids 5 Jun – 17 Jul 28 Jun 6 +24 31 10

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