Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pattern for Murders fitted in the history of Regulus for the Lion within the Outlaw gang

This gang I have been exposing through The Kings Cross Sting it is an interesting thought about bones, when Saint Regulus moved bones to a tower which became St Regulus Church.  Sparkling Chandeliers

Home of The Kings Cross Sting "Latest Series"
Police it's the Black Scorpion this is the first line of protection on the last game of Chess for the drug runners.
Lodge J for the Black Scorpion....check out the guys around Kings Cross with BLACK SCORPIONS
The Chapter 2 Lodge 22 was Abe, Skull and Bones Chapter 3 Lodge 22,
Germany Chapter 1 Lodge 22 is the 3 corners of the control.
J & B Trust who are they?  The hidden two on Darlinghurst Road?
Just a Police search warrant  will destroy the underworld.
If you have done wrong to the Wild Madame X, well I do deals only with the spirit world.
The Red  Scorpion, is the passion and love for this brothel we as Alex and I have worked to expose the system.
Underbelly, The Scorpion  Juanita's Newspaper
The award winning The Kings Cross Sting Sex Newspaper will be still happening.
This was the Undercover front where this gang didn't know what had hit them.

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