Saturday, 21 November 2015

Commonwealth Bank Fraud EXPOSED!

Bank Engineered Default Inquiry - Canberra Hearings. If you can be there please be a witness. ASIC and CBA must be held to account. Bank crimes would be much reduced if ASIC stopped protecting criminal elements in banking.
CBA wants to compete as the "ethical bank." Well there is a lot that needs to be exposed and cleaned before that can happen: Financial Planner scandal; Predatory Lending; ‪#‎Bankwest‬ Heist.] to start with.
Monday 23.11.15 (i.e. Tomorrow) - 7pm - 9pm - ASIC in the hot seat re: their Submission No. 45
Wednesday 2.12.15 - 7.30pm - 9.30pm - CBA's turn re: Submission No. 48
Both take place at Parliament House in Committee Room 2S1
Plenty of examples of ASIC in action (or is that inaction) among these submissions:…/C…/Senate/Economics/ASIC/Submissions
CBA's Ethics On Display in Submissions - 111, 113, 15, 63
This is it folks - ‪#‎ASIC‬'s Greg Medcraft and ‪#‎CBA‬'s CEO Ian ‪#‎Narev‬ must be held accountable for bank frauds that have cost clients billions, for destroyed families and lives. This is political - the jobs of bankers, regulators and pollies must be on the line. ‪#‎auspol‬
Hearings are periodically announced here:…/Corp…/customer_loans/Public_Hearings

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