Friday, 27 November 2015

Matthew Leveson Missing persons 2007

When the alleged skull or ID is found of Matthew Leveson in the brothel for the underground of the organised crime gang aka Notorious Outlaw gang from 1920.

The address 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross within the subfloor compartment.

When the outlaw gang calls for the brothers to go up within the gang they sometimes kill their lovers?
Believe it or not?

Co-incidence this case was with DPP Chris Maxwell as to the alleged Indictment wrong with the Roger Rogerson's and Glen McNamara's Case I brought up to the Police Commissioner.

Within the drug network allegedly they do murder as a game to get rid of problems or to show they can kill someone they love.

LOve is the Key to the meaning of the underworld today as the Hooked X map for the buried treasure in Kings Cross exposes.

If you go through the evidence their is a few links.
The phone allegedly was always within the car of Mr Atkins.
The last text at 3.30am allegedly could have been a red herring?
We have over 80 unsolved missing gay person's and murders to this area of Darlinghurst and how the alleged drugs into Kings Cross are walked from this area linking from the top part of Oxford Street into kings Cross today.
2007 was the year after Abe Saffron died, we had a new King of the Cross and Bill Bayeh was in prison at this time.
Someone to look like a murder took the car, wiped of prints to a known gay hangout in Sutherland yet the only witness to Mr Leveson coming home is Mr Atkins.  Mmmmm....

We have the links again to Kings Cross Police where in 2012 they decided to not to investigate.
No serial killer because if their was a chance this alleged drug network working from Kings Cross out as the asian gangs of the drugs would be exposed further.  2012 for a co-incidence this brothel business was closed due to the 12 months of sheer terror I had lived with trying to work out what could be hidden in a brothel by a gang?  Skulls......

Police dismiss serial killer speculation | Altmedia
Nov 1, 2012 - Kings Cross Police have ruled out the existence of a serial killer in ... who was last seen alive at Arq nightclubDarlinghurst in September 2007.

If Mr Atkin's was allegedly not involved then he would have told the world his partner did not come home with him?  

Matthew John LEVESON
Frequents the Arq Nightclub on Oxford Street, Sydney .... prosecutor said Mr Leveson was last seen with Atkins at a Darlinghurst nigtclub in September 2007.

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