Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lazaros Anastassiadis missing person

Two dates for this same person disappeared one is the 2nd April, and the other is the 22 February, was last seen 7pm on 22 February, 1998.  Car parked on Old South Head Road, Watson Bay . Within Moloch worshipping their is a pattern to old churches where we have St Peters in this area. Left the car locked, he allegedly was meeting someone? Going somewhere? However if this links to Moloch worshipping then allegedly some ID, even his skull will be found as this gang is exposed by just the Police search warrant 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross which will expose Juanita Nielsen and others. The fancy photo? Did he work within the club scene?

Personal Details

  • Missing since:Thursday, 02 April 1998
  • Jurisdiction:New South Wales
  • Year of birth:1967
  • Height:177 cm
  • Build:Slim
  • Eyes:Green
  • Hair:Brown
  • Gender:Male
  • Distinguishing Feature:Also know as Laz Anastis


Lazaros was last seen on 2 April 1998. He has not been seen by family or friends since that time and concerns are held for his safety and welfare. Lazaros was last seen wearing a red flannelette shirt, black shorts and black sneakers.

Submitted 28 February 2016 to Australian Federal Police
We have the timing to the Leather Pride Festival linking allegedly to Mardi Grai.
We are still awaiting the Police search but I have hit corruption within the alleged Police who I believe will link to this gang when the brothel is searched, the subfloor area after the Laundry behind Room F and Room G which is approximately 8 steps high and two rooms long in the hallway which links to the area under the bathrooms.  I believe we have Strike Force ODIN in the area linking to exposing the drug network which will expose also the pedofile gang, the child prostitution gang, the crime gang where the Police can not catch because what I have exposed to authorities it has been the middle layer of the Police station Kings Cross and further in this area where they have stopped to search the old premises of Abe Saffron's and how he controlled the drug network till his death in 2006 and upon this the building changed to J&B Trust allegedly linking to John Ibrahim and Bill Bayeh for the control which exists today.  So help me expose this gang, I was asking in Sutherland court for the Police Search warrant 25 February 2016 but I'm just a person not a police officer.


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